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The IClear 30B Coil by Innokin is designed for use in the iClear 30B and the iClear X.I clearomizer tanks. Each is made with durable stainless steel and premium Japanese organic cotton for the wicks. The coils have four wicks each, which provide consistently smooth hits and even, thick vapor.


Product Description

These coil heads are made with dual coils for added vaping potential, and they are positioned in the bottom of the coil for a smokestack effect. The result is thick, flavorful vapor without the worry of wasting e-liquid.

While these coils are meant to replace the coil heads in the iClear 30B and X.I, they are not compatible with other Innokin products, including the iClear 16 and Vivi Nova. These coils are a slightly different size than other Innokin replacement coils for those units, so they are not interchangeable. These coils should last roughly 2-3 weeks with proper care and standard daily consumption, but heavy users might need to change them more frequently. They come in several different resistance ratings, including 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.5 ohms. Each of these coils should be used in the range of 4-8 watts.

It's easy to change out these coil heads. First, remove the battery component from you Innokin iClear 30B or iClear X.I tank. Remove the bottom cap from the tank, being careful to avoid dripping any remaining e-liquid from the device. Detach the old bottom coil head and install the new coil in the same place. Be sure that you don't accidentally damage the sealing ring when changing out the unit. Once the coil head is in place, refill the tank with your favorite e-liquid and replace the bottom cap. It is important that you allow the device to sit and rest for a few minutes before you attempt to vape, since that time will be needed by the wicks to properly absorb enough e-liquid to prevent burning or charring the cotton. It is recommended that you prime the wicks before installing the coil head by placing a few drops of the e-liquid onto each area of exposed cotton. This will help ensure the wicks become saturated, which is necessary for their optimal longevity. Don't allow the tank to go below 1/3 third, since that can cause problems with leaking and dried out wicks.

Features and Voltage Ratings for IClear 30B Coil by Innokin:

  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Organic Japanese Cotton Wicks
  • Four Wicks Per Coil Head
  • Bottom Dual Coil Technology
  • Compatible with iClear 30B and iClear X.I
  • 1.8 Ohm: 3-3.75V
  • 2.4 Ohm: 3-4.5V
  • 2.8 Ohm: 3.25-5V
  • 3.2 Ohm: 3.75-5.1V
  • 4.0 Ohm: 4-5.75V

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