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Imren Batteries

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Dependable Imren Batteries

If you are looking for Imren Batteries to power your vaporizer, has these popular 18650 style batteries at a competitive price. Imren makes use of the latest technology to ensure their batteries are long-lasting and capable of delivering the best possible vaping experience. Batteries are an important consideration for vaporizers. Choosing the wrong one can cause damage to a vaporizer and also pose potential safety risks. It is preferred to stick with a trusted brand like Imren which has a reputation for quality and superior performance.

Imren has been involved in the production of vaporizer batteries for a while now, and they stay abreast of the latest developments to produce batteries that are powerful, safe, and friendly to the environment. These batteries make use of IMR chemistry which has become the industry standard for vaporizers. A great number of mods and tanks are now powered by IMR batteries. 

IMR batteries are high-drain and use Li-manganese chemistry. Manganese is preferred because it makes it possible for the battery to grant a high discharge without the battery becoming hot. Unlike ICR batteries, IMR batteries do not require a built-in protective circuitry. This increases their overall safety and makes them exceptional choices for vaping.

The 18650 style of battery is used in a wide variety of vaporizers because it affords a higher level of control and provides better quality. In these types of batteries there are two aspects you should be familiar with. The first is mAh. This is an abbreviation for Milliamp Hours. In plain language, mAh is related to the overall life of the battery. The higher the mAh rating, the greater the overall life. The second aspect is amperage. Amperage is an indicator of how much current the battery can produce at one time.

The Imren 3200 MAH 40A 18650 Battery available at features high mAh and high amperage, something that can be difficult to manage in a vaporizer battery. The reason for this is that the two characteristics somewhat oppose, and typically one must be sacrificed in order to gain the other. The Imren 3200 MAH 40A 18650 Battery is a great choice for Sub Tanks because it can easily support vaping at a coil resistance of less than 1 ohm.

Top Notch Imren Products and Batteries

When you are considering a battery for your vaporizer and begin to shop around, it will quickly become apparent that there are many substandard batteries available for sale. Some even falsely promote themselves as a specific brand. This is why one should only buy vaporizer batteries from a trusted vendor and avoid generic mass-produced varieties. When you choose Imren and buy from you benefit from knowing that you are receiving the genuine article. Imren passes all industry-standard certifications in the production of their batteries and maintains strict controls to ensure consistency and quality.

Upgrade Your Mods Battery

It is not uncommon for vapers to want to upgrade their vaporizer's battery. The reasons for this are varied: more battery life, greater control over wattage, and higher drain rates are just a few. Imren Batteries satisfy all of the considerations encountered by vapers who want to make a change to a more optimal power source.

While you are shopping for Imren Batteries, be sure to check out our entire inventory of premium mods, tanks, and replacement parts. We also stock one of the largest supplies of designer e-liquids from all of the popular brands. If you have questions or concerns about your vaporizer battery, do not hesitate to contact us via our convenient live chat system or by email. One of our friendly support specialists will be happy to assist you.