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Indulgence Tanks

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Indulgence RDAs

Indulgence is known for its impressive line of vaping equipment that is designed to help the advanced vaper get more out of their experience.The company offers original products made with industry-leading features to help you enjoy superior quality RDAs and RTAs. The company sends its products through and intensive research and development period to help you get the best possible utility and performance. The products released by the company tend to be extremely popular and get reviewed by the top vaping blogs and expert vapers.

Indulgence Vape Tank History and Culture

The company maintains a culture of excellence when it comes to the creation of vaporizer products and accessories. The company puts its customer experience first and aims to provide utility knife type products that are designed to complete a range of operations. From highly scalable airflow to the ability for each tank to work with a variety of mods. The company continually upgrades their products to provide customers with state-of-the-art technology that's designed to help you achieve massive clouds in each session. The company operates out of China and is one of the only companies in the world that offers several voltage options on a single battery.

Product Line by Indulgence Tanks

The company is well-known for many of its premium-level vaping products. Indulgence is one of its most sought-after lines, and these units can help you get a supreme vaping experience that many vapers feel is unmatched. You'll also be able to get a range of coils to fit your RDA units and a high-powered mod to help you get the most out of your session. The products are all produced to the exacting standards of the company and you'll enjoy the ability to use a highly-effective, premium-quality product designed to enhance your vaping sessions with attractive and highly functional parts. When you want a superior tank, Indulgence is the company to go with for exceptional design and function.

Indulgence RDA Product Components

The products are constructed from 304-grade stainless steel for the ultimate in durability and reliability. The company uses two-post velocity style build deck, and there are also diamond airflow holes to make it possible to create effective vapor swirling. The tanks are able to produce exceptional airflow and an outstanding level of vapor. The company uses a design that makes it possible to use a variety of accessories, heads and coils. This makes their units capable of producing the custom result you've come to expect from your vaping session.

Mutation V4S RDA

The Indulgence Mutation V4S RDA tank is made from stainless steel, and it's one of the company's latest creations. You'll love the original design that screams it's an Indulgence product. You'll get unbelievable reliability, and the tank is designed with an adjustable air flow, large well and a two-post velocity deck. This unit is highly affordable, and it gives vapers a cost-effective way to get into the hobby. Diamond airflow holes help to give the unit a customized level of vapor, and you'll enjoy the bottom airflow option that helps you to get the perfect flavor every time. 

The device is a rebuildable dripping atomizer that uses a stainless steel body, top cap and build deck. Airflow comes from underneath the coils to ensure you get the full flavor of your essential oils. You'll also enjoy the exceptional design with laser-engraved logos that help give the unit a sharp and well-made look. You'll also enjoy super wide Delrin tips, and the unit is designed at 22mm in diameter. The design is also created to be scratch-resistant so you can enjoy its good looks for a long time.