Infinix 250mah Pod System by SMOK


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The Infinix 250mAh Pod System by SMOK is a sleek and discreet vape pen for the vaper on the go. At 110mm x 19.5mm x 11mm this mini-body wonder slips easily into your purse, back pocket, or messenger bag. New vapers couldn’t find a more user-friendly pen and seasoned pros will marvel at its ergonomic design. The pods are simple to fill with the e-liquid injection bottle that is included in the Infinix package. Just fill the bottle with your tastiest e-juice, inject the liquid into the pod, and snap the pod onto the pen—you’re ready to go!


Product Description

SMOK bills this pen as “the incarnation of modern philosophy” and it is easy to see why. This mod utilizes a creative air-driven system which allows deep draws without much startup time. Adding to its simple design, there are no up or down buttons, no screens, or fire keys. Simply draw from the mouthpiece and enjoy your vape. The Infinix 250mah Pod System by SMOK includes multiple safeties such as 8 seconds cut-off, short circuit, and low voltage protections.

Though this mod is small in stature that doesn’t mean that it is lacking in power. The 250 mAh battery capacity is perfect for a smaller unit like this one and allows the user hours of vaping and battery life. Other specifications show how much dynamism has been packed into the Infinix. Its standby current is <200uA, while its input voltage is 3.3v-4.2v, with an output wattage of 10w-16w. In-keeping with its compact and portable design, the pods hold up to 2 ml of e-juice which is more than enough to get most busy vapers through the day. Since Infinix has been designed with the modern worker on the move, a USB cable is included with the Infinix for easy charging from your laptop or other power source.

One of the most well-respected vape companies on the market, SMOK has been recognized for their groundbreaking and accessible vape products for close to a decade. Back in 2011, they made a name for themselves when they developed the first dual-coil cartomizer and since then they’ve been acclaimed for their innovative mods, tanks, and coils. Most vape lovers know them as the brains behind the TFV4, a sub ohm tank that debuted in 2015, and paved the way for what sub ohm tanks could do in the twenty-first century. Multiple coil tanks might never have been a thing if it wasn’t for SMOK, so whenever you purchase one of their products, there’s always a chance you’re buying a piece of vape history.

While SMOK’s pods are refillable, it’s never a bad idea to replace them after multiple uses. Luckily, Got Vape’s got your back. Check out this 3-pack of Infinix pods for only $11.99. Include them in your purchase of this Infinix Pod System and never be caught without a fresh pod again.

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