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Innokin Tanks

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High-Quality Products by Innokin Clearomizers

Vaping fans who want to navigate all of the best choices in tanks can breathe easy. That's because Got Vape offers an extensive selection of first-rate tanks manufactured by some of the most trusted and prominent brands available. If you're looking for Innokin tanks, our Southern California business can come to your aid.Innokin is a well-known global company that concentrates on user-friendly vaporizers and accessories. If you're looking for a tried and true APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) brand, Innokin may just be the one for you. The team at Innokin specializes in all different kinds of tanks. These professionals specialize in all different types of tank accessories as well. These include everything from charger adapters to handy carrying pouches.

Innokin iClear Tanks

Got Vape stocks Innokin's iClear 30 Rotatable Drip Tip Clearomizer. This product comes in both green and red. It has an outer diameter of 3/4th of an inch and a length of 3 inches.If you want to use this tank, put your desired essential oils in and then attach the battery. You should be totally good to go then! This clearomizer heats up within seconds. It emits vapor via the mouthpiece. A couple noteworthy highlights of this Innokin product include a dual coil tank and a replaceable atomizer head. It's suitable for 510 thread pattern batteries. If you'd love nothing more than to experience massive flavor and vapor, the iClear 30 Rotatable Drip Tip Clearomizer by Innokin may be ideal for you. People who have used this product often love how simple it is to fill. 

Reliable iClear 30B Clearomizer

Another notable Innokin product we carry here at Got Vape is called the iClear 30B Drip Tip Clearomizer. It's equipped with a dual bottom coil tank. Its capacity is seriously impressive, too. It can accommodate 3ml total. The clearomizer also has the convenience of a replaceable atomizer head. Since this product has a universal 510 thread pattern, people can use it with many different options in batteries. This drip tip clearomizer is available in red.

Innokin iClear Clearomizers

People can buy Innokin's iClear 16 Clearomizer here as well. This device has the distinction of being the earliest dual coil clearomizer that's equipped with a handy replaceable atomizer. It accommodates any and all 510 thread eGo batteries. If you're someone who is committed to strong vapors and amazing flavors, you'll surely find this Innokin clearomizer enchanting and compelling.

Innokin's iClear 10 Clearomizer is yet another standout product that's for sale here at Got Vape. This clearomizer has a sophisticated square design that's highly appealing. It also has a replaceable atomizer head and dual coils. If you want a clearomizer that comes with four wick threads, this should do the trick for you. The clearomizer can accommodate a maximum of 1.0ml. The iClear 10 Clearomizer can accommodate the majority of 510 threaded batteries out there. If you're interested in rapid heating, this clearomizer should be a fantastic choice for you. Fans of clearomizers that feature wicks often can't get enough of this quality device.

Strong Vapors Come With Isub G Tank

Other standout Innokin products we carry include the iSub G Tank, the iClear 16 Coil, the iClear 30B Coil, the iClear 30 Coil, the iClear 30S Drip Tip Clearomizer, the iClear X.I Drip Tip Clearomizer and the Gladius Dual Coil Adjustable Airflow Tank.

Our main priority at Got Vape in Southern California is to give customers access to all of the greatest choices in vaporization units and accessories, period. We also prioritize all of the greatest vaporization brands. If you want to buy first-rate tanks from a highly regarded brand such as Innokin, we can cater to you. If you ever have any questions regarding our many Innokin offerings, you don't have to hesitate to give our customer service department a shout. Our associates are knowledgeable, courteous, polite and hard-working people who genuinely enjoy assisting people. Contact us today to learn more about our world-class offerings.