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Innovape Mods

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Innovape Mods' Top-Tier Products

Innovape Mods is an established business that specializes in the manufacture of mods and many related products. It's located in Anaheim, California. Kinds of products that are made by Innovape Mods include RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers), tanks and battery extenders. If you want to experience the high-quality of Innovape Mods' products, GotVape can give you the opportunity to do so. 

Liberty Mechanical Mod

We carry the Liberty Mechanical Mod made by Innovape Mods. This mod has a simplistic and elegant design and is made entirely of 303 stainless steel. It accommodates 18650 batteries. If you're on the lookout for a mod vaporizer that was created solely for essential oils, the Liberty Mechanical Mod may be ideal. People who are searching for top-tier vapors can depend on the Liberty Mechanical Mod. If you're into simple pulls, you'll definitely appreciate this mod. It's equipped with springs and contacts that have rhodium plating. These springs and contacts are beneficial for a high level of corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity. Its positive terminal connector can be changed to suit 18650 cells regardless of length. The mod's wave spring is sturdy and reliable and nothing like a flimsy coil spring. It features numerous contacts that encourage reduced electrical resistance. The mod also has Delrin insulating elements that promote both longevity and invulnerability to wearing down. If you want to enjoy an enormous hit, the Liberty Mechanical Mod from Innovape Mods could be a great mod vaporizer for you.

The Patriot RDA is also made by the knowledgeable professionals at Innovape Mods. If you're interested in an RDA that has a three post design, this one may catch your attention. There are an abundance of interesting features that are part of the Patriot RDA. This RDA's tank can accommodate significant amounts of volume. It therefore can lead to better airflow and more sizable vapor clouds. The tank has additional wick space as well.

This can lead to additional juice and additional hits. The tank is 22mm. The Patriot RDA's vapor ports encourage laminar flow and can give people pulls that are consistent and smooth. If you want to enjoy a pull that has a vape stream that's nice and stable, this should work out well for you. The Patriot RDA has a quad ring seal that's highly convenient, too. This is because it holds additional juice in the tank. If you're someone who is always worried about spillage and messes, this quad ring seal should help you relax a lot better. Other standout components of the Patriot RDA include a top cap that's removable, three distinct airflow options, a center post that has 24K gold plating and a heat sink fin. The Patriot RDA's heat sink fin is undoubtedly a special feature. The heat sink fin is a wonderful highlight for people who love customized, one-of-a-kind appearances. It's also a wonderful highlight due to the fact that it's capable of getting rid of upward of 50 percent more heat. If you want to minimize chain vape heat, this heat sink fin can make a true asset. 

Dependable and Durable Innovape Products

The Innovape Mods products we sell are dependable, sturdy and durable. If you want to improve your vaping world, spending time checking out the Liberty Mechanical Mod and the Patriot RDA may be wise. You can learn more about these Innovape Mods' products by getting in contact with our Corona, California company. Our staff members can tell you everything you need to know about both of these first-rate Innovape Mods' offerings. GotVape is a trusted vaping business that genuinely understands e-liquids, RDAs, vape pens, cartomizers and more. Call our customer service as soon as possible for further details.