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Inspector Vapors

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Inspector Vapes

Inspector Vapors opened a small shop in California that became an almost instant success. Founded on the idea that vape lovers deserved better products than those currently available, the founders of this shop sourced the best materials and top products from companies around the world. Inspector Vapors specializes in products that you can use with both aromatherapy herbs and oils. Those scents can instantly put you in a better frame of mind. Its product line includes heat guns, universal receptacles and similar products. When looking online for Inspector Vapors products, make your first stop, where you can find a wide selection of glass receptacles and heat guns.

Our line of products from Inspector Vapors includes a number of heat gun vaporizers. Designed to look just like the heat guns you might use when taking down wallpaper or doing other home improvement projects, these guns will change the way you think about vaping. The digital heat gun vaporizer produces temperatures of 220 to 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit. Higher temperatures are perfect for hardier materials like dried herbs. The lower temps produced by other vaporizers won't give you the full flavor that a higher temp will. This little heat gun also has a cool down feature that automatically adjusts the temperature to a lower setting of easy handling.

When you use a larger water pipe or a glass receptacle, you need a heat gun on hand. Those pipes require a large amount of heat to slowly increase the temperature of your herbs to produce the smoke that you inhale. While you can use a lighter, you risk spending five minutes or more waving that lighter underneath the glass until you get to the temperature you want. With a heat gun, you get to the right temperature almost instantly. 

Convenient Combo Packs

Some of the Inspector Vapors products that we offer include combo packs that come with both a glass receptacle and a heat gun. A great example is our Universal Vaporizer 9 mm Combo Set. This set comes with its own glass receptacle that has an attached mouthpiece and a heat gun. The small receptacle also functions as a small water pipe. Simply slip the included glass screen into place, add your favorite liquid and aim the heat gun at the glass before you inhale. We also offer heat gun combo sets in larger sizes for those who have more space or like vaping with a crowd.

Don't forget to shop for universal receptacles too. Using a traditional water pipe is a chore because of the large sizes of those pipes. You need to add a mesh screen, add some water to the inside, find the perfect place for your herbs and track down a lighter before you can start having fun. If you ever knocked a water pipe over before, you also know how hard getting rid of that smell and cleaning up can be. Our universal receptacles have a thinner top that keeps the liquid inside and a sturdy bottom that keeps it from tipping over. All our universal receptacles will work with slides from different manufacturers too.

Inspector Vapors gained a number of fans after opening a small vaping shop in California, but the company later closed its doors and walked away from the business. If you bought from Inspector Vapors in the past, or you had friends who recommended the company to you, you can now get some of the same products sold in that store online. At, we offer our customers a wide range of heat guns, glass receptacles and other products that Inspector Vapors and other stores sold.