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Iolite Vaporizers

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Iolite Vapes

Iolite produces vaporizers and accessories that are designed to capture more than your nose. The entire vaping experience is considered when designing a new product, right down to the detailed etching in each product's shell. The company focuses primarily on the user experience, which helps them to maintain an effective product line with exceptional reliability. The company uses butane as a fuel source in most products because they believe it's the best option available to get an authentic and pure vaping experience. With an Iolite brand premium vaporizer, you'll never have to worry about batteries or cords because they aren't used in any of their products. 

The company provides a complete line of vaporizers and accessories to meet the unique needs of their customer base. There are three main categories to choose from, including the Iolite Original, the WISPR 2 and assorted vape pens. The Iolite Original are portable vaporizers that use an ergonomic design to feel at home in the palm of your hand. WISPR 2 offers a design that exceeds expectations and the company ranks it as their premium product. A selection of vape pens is also available, and you'll be able to find classic offerings as well as newer and innovative products like the Pilgrim pen. 

The Original Iolite

When the company started, it created the Iolite vaporizer. This portable vaporizer met with huge success, and the company continues to produce an updated version of it that features exceptional usability, a smart design and exceptional portability. This vaporizer is ideal for people who need a butane-powered unit that offers an intuitive operation with a comfortable design. It's both light and powerful, and it will have you enjoying a rich vaping session in mere seconds.The Iolite Original vaporizer also comes in your choice of several different color choices so you can personalize your vaping experience. 

Complement your Iolite vaporizer purchase with a comfort care package. You'll enjoy a 5x refined butane tank with a 300ml capacity. You'll also get three feet of VaporWhip tubing and X-Tip Mouthpieces. We created this special package to enhance the utility and performance of the original product. You'll enjoy a deeper inhalation and improve your overall level of enjoyment with this carefully tailored package. Unleash the full potential of your unit with these carefully selected enhancements. 

WISPR 2 Vaporizer

The WISPR 2 offers all the portability you need with the kind of power you might expect to get from a desktop unit. You'll be able to experience a variety of colors to personalize your experience, and you can enjoy quiet and sublime operation over a long session. The unit features single temperature control, a large chamber to go the distance and a lightweight design that doesn't sacrifice its power. The vaporizer offers operating temperatures that extend from up to 201C/410F within 30 seconds. It only takes 10 seconds to charge the unit, and you'll be able to keep it going strong for 2.5 hours. Check your available fuel level using the clear gauge, and enjoy a vapor that is dense, full and smooth. 

Iolite E-cig Accessories

Choose from a variety of Iolite accessories and replacement parts. You'll be able to choose a custom storage case designed to hold your vaporizer and essential accessories for both the Iolite and WISPR units.You can also purchase replacement parts, including the mouthpiece, chamber and optimizers. Choose from an assortment of vaporizer mouthpiece tips and mesh screens with various grades of fineness. You can also find a hand-crafted hand tool straight from Ireland that allows you to remove your mesh screen and C-ring in your vaporizer.