iQ3 Hybrid Pod System Starter Kit by iQ Vape


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The iQ3 Hybrid Pod System Starter Kit by iQ Vape is a stellar addition to their pod system line and is the first hybrid pod system on the market. This is the 3rd installment of Hangsen’s iQ vapes and maybe the one that lives up best to their “Innovation and Quality” motto. Being a hybrid system means that besides the refillable pod that is included in this package, there is also an adapter available that will enable customers to insert closed pods as well.


Product Description

This pod system couldn’t be easier to use right out of the box. The package comes with a micro USB charging cable, fill bottle, pod system, and instruction manual. In order to start vaping you have to make sure that the iQ3 is charged, pull on the drip tip to remove the pod, and fill up the pod with the plastic fill bottle. Perfect for the home or office, iQ3’s micro USB works seamlessly with their 30-minute quick charge technology, making sure you don’t have to wait hours for your pod to charge.

The iQ3 Hybrid Pod System Starter Kit by iQ Vape has a 2 ohm resistance. It packs a 400 mAh battery with a total 3.7 volts max output.  The interface is extremely interactive friendly with a compact screen that provides both puff animation and battery life. The pod holds 2 ml of juice, which is more than enough to get most vapers through the day. The draw activated firing on this system allows deep draws without much startup time. The pod is very thin and lightweight, making it perfect for vaping on the go. It also comes with a smooth edge design and a sleek gloss finish. This is certainly one of the snappier looking pods on the market with many reviewers remarking on its resemblance to the iPhone and other popular Apple products.

Hangsen, who has been manufacturing premier vape and e-cigarette products for almost a decade, is the brains behind the iQ3. They produce more than 1 million vaping device parts and 4 million e-liquid bottles per month. Since 2016, they’ve made more than 100,000,000 bottles of e-liquid and their distribution channel includes more than 80 countries. They also offer consultation for businesses in more than 50 countries. Their e-liquids and vape products have won numerous awards over the years and their commitment to excellence has allowed Hangsen to remain one of the largest and most globally aware manufacturers on the market.

Other popular pod systems include the LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor. This pod kit comes with four ready to use pods in strawberry, tropical, menthol, and mango essences. This unit is auto-primed and comes equipped with an auto-shutoff feature. This is a potent and compact pod system that can fit easily into your purse or pocket.

While you are shopping for the iQ3 Hybrid Pod System Starter Kit by iQ Vape, don't hesitate to look through all of the premium pens, pods, and accessories in our extensive inventory. We also have one of the largest collections of e-juices that you will find online and carry many items for customers who prefer vaping concentrates, essential oils, and dry herbs. If you have a question about this pod system or any of the items we provide, please contact us so that one of our friendly team members can help you.

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