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Island by VTMN E-Liquid has given an industry leader another cause for celebration. This new imprint of The Schwartz E-Liquid is getting a lot of attention, and for good reason. Island is one of three new flavors developed by the same company that brought you classics such as The Upside, The Downside, Comb the Desert, and Ludicrous Speed. Now, this premium e-liquid is primed to join the ranks of the most popular flavors produced by this legendary brand. 


Product Description

Island is bursting with so many tropical flavors that vapers will have a hard time identifying them all, and VTMN isn't telling just yet what they all are. And who can blame them? This is the kind of designer e-liquid that is often imitated but never duplicated. Juicy oranges. Tangy limes. Tart Kiwi. They're all here and then some, with each distinctive flavor blending with the others to create a fruit sensation that calls for your favorite island beverage, a pair of flip flops, and a hammock by the beach. You would expect an e-liquid this potent to be overpowering, but this one can be vaped all day and still taste as smooth and fresh as it did on the first pull. The company truly lives up to its philosophy of winning over vapers one bottle at a time.

Island by VTMN E-Liquid is just one of three brand new flavors engineered by the professionals at The Schwartz E-liquid in California. The others are Fire, an exquisite presentation of dragon fruit and citrus, and Purple, the explosive combination of the Brazilian acai berry with ripe raspberries and strawberries. Each of these flavors is as distinct as the company that gave them life.

The Schwartz E-Liquid has continually been expanding their brand into a powerhouse that now includes Naked 100 and VTMN. The goal of the company was to produce exotic e-liquids that call upon blends that have not been seen in the marketplace before. To this end, they hired the best mixologists with an appreciation of vaping culture. All of them possess incredible skill and devotion to their craft. These individuals are true artisans.

Months of research and development go into each bottle of e-liquid. Recipes are created and perfected, and raw materials are chosen from the best providers in the industry. Hours in the lab are spent creating the mixtures which are then steeped in a detailed process within specially designed clean rooms that safeguard against impurities, guaranteeing that every bottle you receive is fresh and robust. The Schwartz also uses a strict process of self-regulation and testing to ensure quality.

The e-liquid is available in a 60ml bottle with a choice of 0, 3, or 6mg of nicotine. No matter which variety you prefer, the brand has you covered. You can also be certain of consistency from one batch to the next thanks to the procedures which are used.

Some vapers are hesitant to try a new fruit-based e-liquid because so many of the ones on the market utilize the same flavor profiles and really don't distinguish themselves. This is not true with VTMN. Try a bottle and you will begin to appreciate what true originality tastes like. While you are shopping for Island by VTMN E-Liquid, you'll want to also grab a bottle of Fire and Purple. These really are too good to pass up. If you are looking for a new mod to vape this fantastic e-liquid, we have plenty of them from the leading manufacturers. Our customer service staff is friendly and knowledgeable if you need assistance, and they are just a click away via live chat or email.

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