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iSmoke Tanks

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iSmoke Tanks

The iSmoke Technology, Co, runs its own marketing department, which is unusual for a company based out of China. The company is a leading world supplier of vaping accessories, and the company employs over 1,000 workers. The products produced by the company are sent to five continents, and the company's distribution includes the USA, Japan, Germany, UK, France, Mexico, Korea and more than 60 other countries around the world. The company places a high priority on compliance, and it has an 11,000 square meter facility for producing its products. 

The iSmoke brand consistently outperforms its competition and is able to provide high-profit margins for its offerings. The company is in a race to develop the perfect vaping products, and it works every day to bring the next big vaping product to manufacturing. By using the latest technologies, you'll be able to expect a vaping experience that is reliable with products that are of high-quality, innovative and highly consistent. 

iSmoke History and Culture

The company places a high value on quality control and getting their products designed right the first time. They run continually testing as a way of life, and all products are checked for reliability and integrity. The company is integral to the success of vaping around the world, and they provide affordable products to make it possible for vapers from all walks of life to enjoy the hobby. With more than 30 patents, the company is a world leader in design and invention. The company also provides the equipment for more than 200 electronic cigarette companies that require OEM parts. 

Social Media Presence

The company operates several social media sites, and you can find additional information on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube page. Each social media site offers information for people to learn more about the art of vaping and enjoy the activity safely. 

Product Line

The company produces a variety of products, and you'll be able to enjoy equipment that is highly efficient, easy to maintain and provides an exceptional user experience. Youtube offers videos to help explain complex vaping concepts, and the Instagram account has a collection of product photos so you can get more information about their products. 

The company makes a range of products, including vaporizers, disposable products, refills, Bolt, Twist and essential oils. Each product is designed to fill a specific need for vapers, and you'll be able to enjoy an enhanced experience by using these products in the comfort of your home. 

iSmoke Components

Stainless steel materials are used when possible to help prevent corrosion and rust. The steel also helps to resist the tendency for your atomizer and other vaporizer products from holding on to past flavor profiles and odors. The units are all designed to be easy to clean and fill with your preferred blend. The designs also feature several enhancements that are designed to help you get more utility out of a single product. All of the products are designed to be high-efficiency to prolong the life of your unit.

Featured Tanks/RBAs

The Prometheus RBA by iSmoke is an exceptional RBA atomizer that is designed with stainless steel and diamond cut edges for the smoothest unit possible. The device features a copper pin, and you'll be able to adjust the airflow using a ring that can be locked with the top cap. With one positive post and two negative posts, you can enjoy a wide range of uses and build styles. The unit is highly efficient, and you'll enjoy the oval windows that allow your current fluid level to be easily seen. The unit is compatible with 510 thread pattern mods.