iTaste 134 MX-Z

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The iTaste 134 MX-Z is a revolutionary designed, stand out piece that follows in a long line of innovation delivering an incredible experience. Build with premium materials it is made to last, producing a stellar performance. At a great price, it is a definite must have.


Product Description

The iTaste 134 Mx-Z combines top performance and efficiency for an overall improved experience. It utilizes IMR high-drain unprotected 18650 batteries and the inner sleeve employs engraved Zodiac constellations for a modern finish. All the firing rings are silver plated for the best connection between battery and the atomizer. The new advanced top pin collector is also adjustable to match different 510’s connector pins of varying heights. The battery length is 64.40 to 66.20 at 3.7V and the output voltage is directly correlated to the battery voltage. The iTaste 134 MX-Z is uniquely designed with an advanced safety feature which adds both convenience and customized firing system. Select from the 12 zodiac signs and rep your symbol simply by rotating the wheel to lock or unlock. It is designed for long term use with a Golden Spring and white plastic selection while included in the kit, as well as a screwdriver, spare screw and ball bearing. Perfect for any collection, make sure to add the iTaste 134 MX-Z to yours today!

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