iVapor Vaporizer Mouthpiece


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The iVapor Vaporizer Mouthpiece is the perfect piece to accompany your iVapor Vaporizer. This handy accessory employs great airflow for increased vapor production and satisfying sessions. At a great price, you’re going to want to add it to your collection. Make sure to get the iVapor Vaporizer Mouthpiece!


Product Description

The iVapor Vaporizer Mouthpiece is a one of a kid, impressive accessory for an overall incredible experience. Fashioned of durable, high-grade glass it is durable and will survive continual use. Accompanying your vaporizer, it provides great airflow for increased vapor and enhanced flavors. If you are searching for a reliable, top performance piece then look no further than the iVapor Vaporizer Mouthpiece. At a affordable price, get one today!

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