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iVapor Vaporizers

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iVapor Vaporizers

The iVapor, which is a portable vaporizer, received top marks from users on multiple sites and from some of the top vaping editors in the world today, which is why we added it to our store here at Though it may not look as sleek or modern as other models do, it does have an ergonomic design that many appreciate. A bulbous end underneath the mouthpiece curves into a smaller center and then expands into a durable base. When you wrap your hands around that slimmer center, you'll love just how lightweight and comfortable this vaporizer feels. Check out some of the other benefits of the iVapor before comparing it to other models.

Measuring right around six-inches long, this vaporizer is roughly the same size as most smartphones and weighs a little less than those phones do. A small mouthpiece on the end lets you inhale as quickly or as slowly as you would like to get the full flavor of your dry herbs or concentrate. That size and shape lets you keep the vaporizer hidden in one hand and vape all day long without those around you noticing. It's the perfect vaporizer for vaping outside of work or your home.

When comparing vaporizers, you must consider temperature control and how each device regulates temperature. Using a higher temperature can lead to the vaporizer seizing and leave you with a burnt taste in your mouth. If you use a lower temperature, you may have a hard time producing as much smoke or vapor as you want. Most vapers experiment with different settings to discover what they like best, and the iVapor lets you experiment with ease. The stainless-steel heating element inside responds to the setting you select and quickly heats the liquid inside to the temperature that you want in just a few seconds.

The digital display on the front also works with your temperature controls. You can choose between viewing the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. Using one of the buttons directly beneath the digital display lets you quickly and easily regulate the temperature and move between higher and lowers temps. The iVapor comes with three temperature settings already installed when you take it out of the box that you can try out when you first turn it on. It also comes with a memory features that lets you set your favorite temperature. The device will remember that setting and automatically adjust itself the next time that you use it.

A Sturdy Digital Vaporizer

A polycarbonate shell added to the outside adds to the modern look of this vaporizer and serves as a protective feature too. That shell protects the ceramic and metal used on the case and offers protection against drops also. Another benefit of that polycarbonate shell is that it is resistant to heat. With similar vaporizers that have a metal shell, you risk burning your hands as it comes up to temperature. The polycarbonate shell used on this one absorbs the heat that the device puts off to reduce the risk of burns to both your hands and face.

iVapor Temperature Settings

If you aren't sure about temperature settings, you can experiment with the settings on the iVapor. The base temperature that it produces is right around 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Press the button on the front one or more times to increase the heat to more than 400 degrees. Its automatic shut off ensures that the internal temperature never climbs above 446 degrees because the vaporizer will shut down when it reaches that temp. With an included wall charger and other great accessories, the iVapor here at is great for giving to others or using yourself.