Jaw Dropper by Treat Factory E-Liquid


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Jaw Dropper by Treat Factory E-Liquid is a sweet nod to jaw breaker style hard candies. Ideally formulated and perfectly harmonized, this watermelon flavored e-liquid hits the mark of balance between flavor and vapor. With every draw, users will have a robust taste of sweetness. Then with every exhale, a fully realized cloud that is satisfyingly dense. Jaw Dropper boasts all the best qualities of an idyllic e-liquid that will have a vapers using it again and again.


Product Description

Jaw Dropper by Treat Factory E-Liquid brings with it the savory taste of watermelons rolled up into a hard candy. Every inhale has an enjoyable sweetness, but won't have users feeling like they are left with a tacky aftertaste. The end result is one of appetizing nostalgia. Vapers are sure to enjoy every draw with this e-liquid.

Jaw Dropper has a 70% VG concentration and a 30% PG concentration. The level of vapor is packed into the VG base and is high enough to let every exhale be vapor packed. The intensity of the flavor is innate in the PG level and is subtle yet strong enough to let every draw have a complete essence of watermelon. The two components play off of each other to ultimately produce a completely gratifying vaping session. 

Jaw Dropper by Treat Factory E-Liquid comes in three different nicotine concentrations. 0mg for those that want the flavor alone, 3mg for those that prefer a mid-range concentration, and 6mg for those that are accustomed to a higher level of nicotine. Jaw Dropper has an extra wide bottle opening with a dropper style topper. This part of the bottle allows for easy refills without fear of spilling any of the e-liquid. The product is packaged in a large 100mL bottle which is perfect as users will find themselves reaching to refill this product for session after session.

Kookie Krunch by Treat Factory E-Liquid is another option from the makers of Jaw Dropper. This flavor will take vapers to the very edge of feelings like they are eating a fresh from the oven cookie. The sweet taste is strong, but not overwhelming. The flavor never comes at the sacrifice of an impressive cloud at exhale. Each piece of this variety works together to give vapers an all-around perfect session.

Some users may find themselves looking for a brand that provides menthol as an added ingredient in their e-liquids. Ice Blue Raspberry by Bazooka Vape is such a flavor. The tangy sweetness of its formula is delicious and satisfying. The addition of menthol gives it a smooth, cooling effect that is pleasant and unique. Blue Ice is a welcome addition in any collection.

Since starting their company a few years ago, Treat Factory E-Liquid has created some of the most nostalgia inducing, savory flavors on the market. By using high end ingredients, they have allowed themselves to create a space in the industry as premium e-liquid creators.

As you look at Jaw Dropper and the other Treat Factory E-Liquid flavors, feel free to look through GotVape.com's extensive offerings in the realm of e-juices. We also provide a comprehensive selection of tanks, mods, pens, and supplies. If any questions arise as you peruse, please contact our customer service team.

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