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Take a trip to your local tea house without leaving the comfort of your home. That's what the JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid promises, and it certainly delivers. It comes with undertones of creamy milk tea and jasmine spice that you might find in a cup of supremely crafted tea. This is a unique flavoring that you're sure to enjoy all on its own.


Product Description

The taste is sweet with a slight mellow tinge to it. You'll enjoy delicate flavors that are mild and piquant. There is little to no saltiness in the texture, and you'll notice a slightly neutral flavor profile. Hints of grass and a hard flavoring are predominant. The unique thing about the flavor profile of JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid is that each flavor of milk, tea and jasmine come out independently. Because of this, you'll often experience several different flavor profiles simultaneously.

The aroma of JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid is enzymatic with a flowery bent. You'll enjoy floral fragrances that bring up flavors of tea rose, lemon and citrus scents. The flavor is herby, but it's not overpowering. You'll enjoy a wide range of smells in this intoxicating scent that is sure to keep you relaxed and calm. JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid has a caramelly taste to it that is very sweet to smell. You'll feel like you're right in the middle of a patch of jasmine flowers, and the scent is designed to work well during meditation or while you want to be left alone with your thoughts. It also has a slightly dry distillation to it, and the aroma is a little bit smoky on the finish with a bit of swiss vanilla.

JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid gives off thick, full plumes of smoke. You'll be able to enjoy a smooth flavor and texture that is designed to completely envelop you. The smoke fades fairly quickly, and the scent goes along with the smoke. However, it's thick enough at the outset to provide you with a truly satisfying experience that you can savor. The texture of the smoke is earthy, and it is reminiscent of tea rose and coffee blossom scents. When you first open the bottle, you'll experience a strong scent. However, the scent quickly fades to the background and becomes less potent as you continue your vaping session. This gives you an overall mellow and relaxing profile that you're sure to cherish.

Boba is that unique milk tea that is found at most tea houses. While JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid doesn't come with tapioca pearls, you'll still be able to enjoy the authentic flavor of chewy boba. Because of this, you can mix this liquid with virtually any flavor. Add a little mint to the tea to give it a slightly minty flavor. However, make sure any flavoring you add is minimal so that you don't lose the authentic flavor base of boba tea and milk. The jasmine flavoring isn't so strong that it will conflict with other flavors in your mix. You'll love this sweet, yet simple, milky e-liquid that is designed with the highest attention to perfection.

You'll be able to enjoy most any nicotine level with JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid. It comes in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg options, and you'll also enjoy the fact that you can mix nicotine concentrations to get a custom nicotine level. It's safe to mix the JazzyER by OGNL Boba E-Liquid with other flavors as well. This e-liquid will quickly become one of your favorites, so make sure you order more than one bottle. You never know when a friend will want one too.

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