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JoyeTech Replacement Coils

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  • eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech

    The eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech are made to replace old and burnt out coil heads in the Joyetech eGo One personal aromatherapy device. Joyetech is a fine manufacturer of premium aromatherapy devices, and their replacement coils are meant to extend the lifespan of their tanks in the most affordable way possible.


JoyeTech Replacement Coils

JoyeTech is a trusted manufacturer of Sub Tanks and vaporizing accessories that have a reputation for being intuitive and innovative, and has JoyeTech Replacement Coils in convenient and economical packages of five at a price that meets or beats that of other retailers. These coils are made from quality materials and deliver the precision heating that a Sub Tank requires.

JoyeTech was founded in 2007 to develop cutting-edge vaporizers, and since that time the company has embraced a philosophy that stresses brand development through excellence. An example of the superior craftsmanship JoyeTech has become known for can be observed in their eGo line of vaporizers. Using premium components such as organic cotton and fine ceramics, eGo models are praised for their durability and compact size. Sub Ohm vaping requires vaporizers that are meant to fire at resistances of less than 1 ohm. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find a balance between portability and power, but the eGo line from JoyeTech accomplishes this mix like few other devices.

All of the success achieved by JoyeTech can be directly attributed to sound research and development in the company's lab. The trained professionals and designers process all of the available information on vaporizer technology and use a progressive approach to refine and improve their designs. This has led to the creation of the eGo One and other models which greatly expand the capabilities of a highly-portable Sub Tank.

JoyeTech Replacement Coils are available in the eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech. These coils can be purchased in four different options including 0.2 ohm, 1.0 ohm, Ni200, and Titanium. They are made from materials such as industrial-grade stainless steel and organic Japanese cotton for the utmost in durability and efficiency. The eGo One BF Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech are perfect for Sub Ohming. They come in the 0.5 ohm variety and do a great job of producing the clouds of vapor a Sub Tank is known for.

Effective JoyeTech Coils

All of the coils produced by JoyeTech are subjected to extensive testing before they are approved for the market. The designers check for length of life, ability to disburse heat in an effective manner, and safety. All of these are important considerations for a coil. Coils in all Sub Tanks require occasional replacement. On average, coils need to be replaced about every three weeks. This, of course, depends on how often you vape. JoyeTech coils at are sold in packs of five for convenience and also to allow you to determine your own schedule of replacement. We recommend ordering another pack when you have only a couple of coils remaining. This will ensure that you always have replacement coils on hand. 

Shop Authentic Joyetech Coils & Parts

When you purchase replacement coils, it is always better to stick with a brand you know and can trust. Some generic manufacturers have made efforts to duplicate JoyeTech coils. When you purchase from, rest assured that you are getting authentic coils from this reputable brand. JoyeTech goes above and beyond when it comes to maintaining the highest certifications in the industry. They also use continuous self-regulation to ensure that their own commitment to quality does not waver. Consistency is a hallmark of this brand, and JoyeTech products regularly receive the highest ratings and reviews from the vaping community.

While you are shopping for JoyeTech Replacement Coils, be sure to check out our entire line of premium tanks, mods, vape pens, and accessories. If you have a question about coils for your Sub Tank, please reach out to us via live chat or email so that we can assist you.