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JoyeTech Vaporizers

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  • eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech

    The eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech are made to replace old and burnt out coil heads in the Joyetech eGo One personal aromatherapy device. Joyetech is a fine manufacturer of premium aromatherapy devices, and their replacement coils are meant to extend the lifespan of their tanks in the most affordable way possible.


Joyetech Vapes

Joyetech was founded in 2007. The company has since grown to be an authority on the manufacturing and the development of new products. The company produces products that use high-end technology at a price that is often lower than its competitors. You'll enjoy the company's attention to detail and effective vaporizers to provide you with a powerful and satisfying vaping experience. Through a combination of forward-thinking engineers and a desire to reinvent the world of vaping, Joyetech is able to create high-quality products that fill a need in the vaping world.

The company produces a complete line of vaporizers, atomizers and essential oils. You'll enjoy top-of-the-line products that are designed to fit the needs of new and advanced vapers. The company divides its vaporizer line into four main categories. The Cuboid line offers temperature control boxes to enhance your vaping experience. The AIO line offers vapers with a petite and powerful vaporizer that applies an all-in-one style for added convenience. For more advanced vapers, eVIC mods are available to get an extremely personalized vaping experience. 

AIO eGo Series by Joyetech

The eGo AIO is a kit that is designed for beginning vapers or seasoned vapers who want a simple and lightweight setup. You'll enjoy the convenient design that integrates the atomizer and battery with the unit. This type of design allows the manufacturer to create a very tight profile with no wasted space. The result is a vaporizer that is small, simple to use and extremely convenient. With a one-button design, you'll be able to get started and start using your vaporizer in mere minutes.

The AIO eGo offers several features that make this vaporizer stand out from the rest. It offers a simple one-button design so you can experience a no-hassle vaping session. You'll enjoy a 2ml essential oil capacity, and the battery will last you a long time with the 1500 mAh battery capacity. An adjustable airflow valve makes it easy to adjust your session to give you just the right levels. You also won't have to worry about leaving the unit plugged in too long as the device has built-in overcharge protection, over-current protection and over-discharge protection.

Advanced AIO Technology by eGo Joyetech

Several technologies are employed to make Joyetech vaporizers durable, long-lasting and highly efficient. You'll enjoy the leak-resistant cup technology on the eGo AIO line of products. The device also uses a child-lock feature for extra safety. You can fill the tank from the top to make refills quick and easy. The units offered by the company also offer an indicator light, and you can change the color from one of seven different colors to match your mood. The Kit includes the vaporizer, two atomizer heads, a spiral drill tip, glass drill tip and micro-USB cable. 

Joyetech eVic Premium Vapes

For the seasoned vaper, the company offers two main product lines to help you get the experience you need. The eVic and the eGrip series provide ultimate functionality to control every element of your experience in as much detail as you want. The eGrip system offers a detailed screen that gives you the current volts, watts and ohms. It also has built-in battery protection and comes in various color options to find the device that fits your needs. The eVic series also comes with several color options. The eVic VT is designed specifically to work with the eGo One Mega VT atomizer, and it uses cutting-edge technology to control temperature while monitoring the temperature, watts and ohms on a conveniently-placed side display.