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The eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech are made to replace old and burnt out coil heads in the Joyetech eGo One personal aromatherapy device. Joyetech is a fine manufacturer of premium aromatherapy devices, and their replacement coils are meant to extend the lifespan of their tanks in the most affordable way possible.


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Product Description

These coils are available in both 0.5 ohm and 1.0 ohm varieties, both of which have their own strengths. The 1.0 ohm coil head is great for mouth inhaling, since it mimics the feel of smoking an actual cigarette. The 1.0 ohm coils are ideal for those who want to remind themselves of the sensation of smoking a real cigarette without the nasty health effects. The 0.5 ohm coil, on the other hand, is better for mouth-to-lung, sometimes known as direct lung, inhalation. Since the 0.5 ohm coil uses sub-ohm technology to create enormous clouds of thick vapor, it is much more appropriate for those who like to cloud-chase.

These coils are made with premium materials as well, including industrial-grade stainless steel and high quality Kanthal wire heating elements. The wicks are made with pure organic Japanese cotton, which is ideal for absorbing the e-liquid in an efficient, quick manner. These coils are designed to provide several weeks of vaping pleasure, assuming an average rate of daily consumption. There is no included manufacturer's warranty on these units, since they have no moving parts that can fault. 

In order to change one of these coils, simply remove the base cap from the tank after it has been removed from the battery component. Be sure to remove the base cap with the tank in an upright position, which will prevent losing any e-liquid that remains in the tank. Unscrew the old coil head from the base cap, and install the new coil head in the same location. Refill the tank and replace the bottom cap with the new coil. Once the battery is reattached, let the unit rest long enough for the coil to absorb the e-liquid. The wicks must become saturated in order to avoid burning the cotton material. Be sure that your device is able to handle sub-ohm coils if you use the 0.5 ohm coil head. If you are not sure, or if your device can not output enough power for the unit, go with the 1.0 ohm coil instead.

Features of the eGo One Coils 5 pk by JoyeTech:

  • Dimensions: 19mm x 10.1 mm
  • Kanthal Heating Element
  • Durable Stainless Steel Body
  • Organic Japanese Cotton Wicking Material
  • Available in 0.5 and 1.0 Ohm Varieties
  • Only Compatible with Joyetech eGo One Devices

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