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JT Mods Tanks

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JT Mods Tanks

There's no doubt that the modern vaping industry has taken off like a rocket. Today, those who love a great vape have many quality brands to choose from when selecting vaping products. One of those top brands today is JT Mods of California.


Vape enthusiasts who want to enjoy their favorite vapor from a well-constructed, high quality mod know that going with a top-of-the-line brand that invests in a great product is the key, each time and every time.

That's why vape enthusiasts of taste, refinement and distinction gravitate towards the vaping products offered by JT Mods. This company, which operates out of its headquarters in Orange, California, is dedicated to customer service and to serving up the optimum in vaping products. 

The Matchlock RDA by JT Mods is a stylish mod that gives vape enthusiasts the big puffy and oh-so-flavorful vapor clouds they pine for. What's more, the Matchlock RDA by JT Mods delivers this great flavor with every single inhale and keeps the good times rolling all the way to the very last exhale. Yes, say it again, yes! That reliably great, flavorful vapor cloud production is a quality JT Mods is rightly proud of, and it's the reason customers keep coming back to this company's product line, vape after vape after vape. 

The Matchlock RDA by JT Mods is a hard working piece of machinery that has a light appeal that won't weigh a vape down. it comes in a range of bright colors, including red, black, purple, and mustard. Every piece of this MOD was designed, assembled and manufactured in the US, and it's made with quality materials including T-6 billet aerospace aluminum, 9.9% copper connects, and a recess magnetic button which delivers a super hard hit on every inhale. Is it any wonder customers have fallen in love with this top-of-the-line MOD? On top of all this, this MOD is light and bright and stylish, all of which adds another cool aspect to a happy vaping experience. 

Matchlock RDA

Other features of this stylish MOD include battery ventilation, delrin insulators, and a stainless steel or copper cap and buttons. This MOD measures 22mm in its width and has a height of 99 mm. A laser etched engraving adds to the overall style of this MOD.

Are you convinced yet? If you are a vape enthusiast who craves a quality experience each and every time you vape, you want to be a JT Mods product user. That's it, end of story. 

Here at, we stand by the quality of each and every product we sell. That's why we only represent brands that are known for their dedication to customer service and quality product lines. The products created by JT Mods are manufactured with a commitment to integrity that we stand by. That's why we're proud to offer the fine line of quality vaping products produced by JT Mods.