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JT MODS' High-Quality Vaping Products

JT MODS is a Orange, California-based vaping product manufacturer that has a fantastic reputation among vaping enthusiasts. JT MODS makes a strong selection of mods, starter kits, parts and RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomizers). If you want to get a glimpse into JT MODS' beautiful vaping universe, allow GotVape to guide the way. We stock some of JT MODS' most dependable and notable products right here for your shopping convenience.

JT MODS' Matchlock Mod is a vaporizer that was created for e-liquids alone. It has a streamlined T-6 billet aerospace aluminum build that's hard to ignore. It's available in numerous vivid and attractive colors, too. These are purple, green, copper and black. If you're on a quest to achieve an amazing vapor, the Matchlock Mod may make an excellent tool for you. It's 99mm tall and 22mm wide. This product comes with a recessed magnet button that can encourage a stress-free pull. Its telescopic pin is made entirely out of copper. The same goes for its bottom firing pin. If you're big on 510 thread patterns, there's no reason you won't adore JT MODS' Matchlock Mod. It's no surprise that this unit is such a hit among vaping lovers. Other features that are of note include battery ventilation, Delrin insulators and matching RDA. If you want to vape and look and feel like a million bucks at the same time, JT MODS' Matchlock Mod could be your beautiful solution.

We sell a convenient Matchlock Mods Starter Kit from JT MODS, too. This kit comes with the RDA. If you want a tube that's made completely out of copper, this offering should do the trick for you. This is a T-6 billet aerospace aluminum delight that should help you experience vaping sessions that are convenient, relaxing and enjoyable. Since this mod that's the centerpiece of this kit is nice and trim, it's not even remotely heavy. The included RDA is also beyond impressive. The depth of its platter is out of this world. It's made of stainless steel that's medical-grade. It's extremely strong and durable, too. It's a bunch of good things all rolled into one! If you're into hard hits, this RDA has you totally covered. Other features of this RDA include tri-posts, 303 stainless steel, two options in tips, pre-drilled holes and a decreased chamber. This RDA is equipped with massive posts that are beneficial for gauge wire that's particularly thick. People who have used JT MODS' RDA don't dispute its amazing hits. If you want to go on the hard-hitting vaping journey of a lifetime, it may be time to invest in this amazing JT MODS offering.

Convenient Spare Parts

We sell JT MODS' Matchlock Mod, Matchlock RDA and Matchlock Mod Starter Kit here at GotVape. If you want to buy the Matchlock Mod or the Matchlock RDA alone, you can do so with ease. If you want to buy them at the same time, you can opt for our exciting starter kit. The choice is entirely yours! We always like giving our customers ample freedom. Vaping is supposed to be a liberating and soothing experience!

Features and Benefits

If you're thinking about buying any JT MODS' product from GotVape, we have any and all answers you may need. We can talk to you about appropriate use of these products. We can talk to you about these products' available features and benefits. We can even talk to you about these products' appearances. When it comes to e-liquids, portable vaporizers, vaporizer batteries, vape pen parts, concentrate tanks and RDA tanks, no one else can touch our expertise. Contact us as soon as possible for further information!