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Juice Box by Salty Man E-Liquid is a fun flavor within the company's line of nicotine salt e-liquids. Many users will remember a time when sitting back and poking a straw into a juice box was a telltale of summer vibes and relaxation. Juice Box takes that notion of inspiration and packages it up in an e-liquid. It is fruity with a slight apple undertone and amazingly smooth. Every draw will fill a user's mouth with the e-liquids savory essence and every exhale releases a powerful cloud. 


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Product Description

Juice Box by Salty Man E-Liquid is such an entertaining take on juice boxes of days gone by that after one draw, vapers will find themselves wanting it time after time. The fruit punch and apple essence that create the flavor core are sweet without being sticky. It never leaves an unsavory aftertaste. The vapor that is an integral part of Juice Box is opaque, satisfying, and always present after every draw.

Juice Box is available in a 100mL bottle. The bottle is topped with an eye dropper lid with an eyelet port. The refill applicator is designed in such a way so as to prevent accidental spills. Because this flavor is a nicotine salt, it is flawlessly inhaled for a silky vaping experience. This also means that for the best vaporization possible, Juice Box should be used with a mouth to lung device. These pod or cartridge style units are typically low wattage and non-sub ohm. 

Juice Box by Salty Man E-Liquid has several different nicotine concentrations available for users. 6mg for those that prefer a more intense amount of nicotine intake, 3mg for those that fall mid-range with their inclinations, and 0mg for those that like vaping purely for the flavor of an e-liquid. Juice Box's VG/PG ratio is 60/40. This variance allows the vapor within the VG to be full while the flavor within the PG to be perfectly diluted. There is no attribute of this product that is thoughtlessly done. 

Another flavor of nicotine salt e-liquid is Banana Pudding by Salty Man E-Liquid. This wholly sweet and delicately creamy flavor is almost as delicious as an actual cup of pudding. It so completely captures the flavor of a dessert that vapers will want it on hand at all times. It still has a 60/40 VG/PG ratio in addition to the eye dropper lid for easy refills. It is a great addition in any e-liquid collection.

The nicotine salt e-liquids mentioned about would work seamlessly with is the Sutra Dash POD Vaporizer by Sutra Vape. This unit is auto-primed by a few short puffs. Following the activation trigger, the device vaporizes the pre-filled products in a brief amount of time in order to provide quick and easy sessions. It is completely user friendly and discreet in its design. 

Salty Man E-Liquid staffs a team of innovators and professional formulators in order to produce extremely unique and delicious flavors. The company as a whole pushes itself to create premium nicotine salt e-liquids so that every customer has access to their excellence. Their expansive line of flavors are all a welcome addition to the vaping industry. 

If you're unsure if Juice Box is the right flavor for you, peruse through the rest of GotVape.com's e-liquid flavors and manufacturers. We also have well-rounded offerings in the way of pens, tanks, mods, and accessories for general vaping needs. If you have any questions about something from the website, please contact our customer service staff.

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