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Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

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  • Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    The Blue Raspberry e-liquid flavor from top e-liquid brand Juice Roll-Upz will give you all kind of nostalgia with its signature fruit snack roll up flavor! With a tangy, yet sweet blue raspberry flavor, this e-liquid is a must have for anyone who calls themselves a raspberry fan.

  • Strawberry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Tangy, tasty, chewy and addictively delicious. Those are just a few of the words that describe the experience of eating a chewy fruit rollup. Those were the candies that you just couldn't get enough of in days gone by. The tangy taste always lasted and lasted, all the way through every bite of those delightfully rubbery chews.

  • Orange Cherry Fire by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Remember the juicy, chewy taste of those deliciously rubbery fruit rollup candies you always loved? Those delicious snacks had a lively, tangy taste that kept you coming back to the candy store for more and more and just one more. Fruit rollups are a great snack because the flavor lasts and is ultimately very satisfying on the tongue. The taste lasts throughout the chew and it just keeps coming as you savor its incredibly delicious texture and flavor.

  • Watermelon by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Watermelon by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid is created to remind you of a simpler time. It's designed to offer you a glimpse at this mouth-watering flavors that is similar to strips of candied fruit. The liquid is manufactured in facilities that are ISO-compliant. The entire Juice Roll-Upz collection boasts an authentic flavor that seeks to mimic the original flavors that are sold in stores.

  • Ice Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    The nostalgic taste of Ice Blue Raspberry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid will remind you of a sweet candy treat that makes the mouth water. There is just a hint of tangy goodness that is supplied by the flavor notes of ripened raspberries, and overlaying it all is a coolness that makes each inhale and exhale smooth and pleasurable. It is subtle enough to be vaped all day while providing great vapor volume.

  • Ice Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Ice Watermelon by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid is reminiscent of a sweet, fruit candy treat that explodes with the refreshing sweetness of watermelon in the summertime. A splash of coolness is added to make this one of the most unique e-juices produced by this top-shelf brand. It can be vaped from morning until night for a nice change of pace, and sub ohm vapers will love it because of its vapor volume and richness of flavor.

  • Blue Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    The nostalgic taste of cotton candy blends with a hint of blue crème in Blue Cotton Candy by Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid. It’s as fun as a stroll down the carnival midway in its delivery of sweet notes that produce an e-liquid that is rich in flavor and it creates a generous amount of vapor. Available in a convenient 60 ml size, this e-liquid can be vaped all day without becoming overpowering.

  • Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Are you a fan of those refreshing drinks on the carnival midway? If so, you will love Berry Lemonade by Carnival Juice Roll Upz E-Liquid. Perfect as an all-day vape or as a treat, this premium blend mixes the tartness of fresh lemonade with the mouth-watering sweetness of fresh berries to create a perfect mix for your favorite sub tank. The vapor volume is vast and the flavor is bold without being overpowering.

  • Strawberry Ice by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid

    Strawberry Ice by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid couples the sweet and tart taste of ripe strawberries with just a splash of refreshing menthol. It is as cool as a fruit drink on a hot day. The sweetness is mild and you can easily vape this e-juice all day without it becoming overpowering. The 70% VG consistency of this premium blend makes it something you will want to add to your favorite sub tank for massive vapor volume and flavor that pleases the taste buds.


Juice Roll-Upz E-Juice

Do you remember the delight you'd experience when someone would hand you a fruit roll up as a kid? They weren't just really delicious, they were fun to eat too - except for when they got stuck to the wax paper they came on.

Now you can relive that wonderful childhood flavor experience with Roll Up E-Juice, a perfect recreation of the fruit roll up experience in vape form. This nostalgic line of e-liquid is available in a variety of flavors including Wild Cherry by Juice Roll-Upz, raspberry, watermelon, and strawberry - just like the fruit roll ups you used to know and love. And the flavor has been so faithfully recreated that you'd swear you were tasting the real thing!

One of our favorites is Watermelon by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid. A lot of watermelon flavored e-liquid tends to be bland, or it just doesn't quite hit the mark for this sought-after flavor. Even if you weren't a fan of fruit roll ups and just love the taste of watermelon, this particular flavor is probably going to be your new favorite. It's the perfect hit of watermelon for the flavor chasers in the audience.

The other Roll Up E-juice flavors don't disappoint either. You'll find that with Strawberry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid, you'll get that same sticky-sweet taste that you used to love in fruit roll ups. It doesn't pack quite as much punch as the watermelon flavor, but in this case that's all right - it's a smooth, almost creamy flavor that works as a very nice "all day" vape. It's the kind of flavor that's right for almost any occasion, at least if you love fruity flavors.

The best thing about Roll Up E-Juice is that it isn't "perfume-y" at all. The sad reality is that with so many fruit flavored e-juices, the manufacturers end up adding components or unnecessary flavors to enhance the strength of the e-juice, but it ends up making for a rather unpleasant and borderline chemical taste. While this is more common with PG-based juices, it can definitely happen with the VG ones also. If you've been disappointed by fruit flavors before because of these amateurish mixes, it might be time to give them another try, and Roll Up E-Juice is a great place to start reexamining the world of fruit flavored vapes. 

Orange Cherry E-Liquid

This overview wouldn't be complete if we didn't touch on one of the most favorite flavors in the Roll Up E-juice lineup, and that's definitely Wild Cherry by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid. This uncommon combo is so good, you have to vape it for yourself to believe it - in fact, combining the flavors of orange and cherry has become something of an underground phenomena, with vapers combining their two favorite juices of each flavor themselves at home. This is no longer necessary however - especially if you like that nuanced flavor of a fruit roll up. We loved the orange-cherry flavor, and we think you will too.

Roll Up E-Juice is a max VG e-liquid, which means that it uses the most VG possible in the mix. This is going to allow you to get a bigger cloud and a smoother throat hit than with most PG or PG/VG mixes. We think VG is the perfect thing to use for fruit flavored juices too, because these types of flavors are naturally supposed to be smooth, rather than harsh. Roll Up E-Juice is available in a wide variety of bottle sizes, ranging from 15ml to 120ml. If you're new to fruit flavors or this line of e-juice, we recommend starting off by creating your own "variety pack" and ordering one of each flavor - then go for a big 120ml bottle once you've found your favorite.