Jungle Fever by Ruthless E-Liquid


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Jungle Fever by Ruthless E-Liquid harnesses the tropical goodness of ripe pineapple and juicy mango which are then combined with a splash of tart citrus . The result is a premium blend that achieves a perfect balance of sweet and tart. This e-juice was made for lazy summer afternoons and basking in the sun. Never bitter, you can vape it all day and every draw tastes as good as the last.


Product Description

This e-juice starts with a blast of sweet and tangy pineapple. This flavor is so authentic it can make your mouth water, but that's just the beginning. Next comes a profile of sweet mango that bursts with juicy freshness. The finish, though is what ties this tropical sensation all together. A blast of citrus delivers just the right tart kick that makes this a perfect combination of fruit flavors.

Jungle Fever by Ruthless E-Liquid has been steeped in a complex process that allows all the flavors to blend in a way that makes each one distinct while contributing to the whole package. A hallmark of this e-juice that sub ohm vapers will love is the volume of vapor it produces. You'll be chasing some big clouds when you add this to your favorite tank, and sub tanks only improve its rich flavor. Many tropical blends can become a tad overwhelming when you vape them all day, but not this one. It works great as a go-to vape or as a nice treat for special occasions.

You might also want to try Grape Drank by Ruthless E-Liquid. This blend combines the tastes of grape soda, grape bubblegum, and tart grape candy in a way that evokes pleasant nostalgic memories. Swamp Thang by Ruthless E-Liquid just might be the best sour apple candy e-juice available today. It has a nice sweet aroma and a soft, mellow inhale that makes it perfect for vaping around friends. EZ Duz It On Ice by Ruthless E-Liquid manages to add the icy sensation of menthol to the tastes of strawberries and watermelon. It tastes just like ice cold summertime fruits enjoyed on a hot day.

You can purchase any of these varieties of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle with a dropper that makes filling your tank clean and easy. Nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, and 6mg are available, and all of them do exceptionally well where vapor volume is concerned. Many vapers report that they like to keep three or four varieties on hand so they can change things up a little.

It would be difficult to find an e-juice brand that is more in touch with the vaping community than Ruthless E-Liquid. The company was founded in 2013 and is still based in Los Angeles where it sits in the hub of vaping culture. Recently, the company has even introduced its own line of apparel which includes hats and sunglasses which celebrate the vaping way of life. Ruthless has become so respected in the industry that they now manufacture e-liquids for 30 different brands.

The facilities used by Ruthless E-Liquid to create their products is one of the best in the game. The production area is GMP Certified and the clean room is state-of-the-art. When you factor in a team of mixologists with years of experience, the result is perfection in every bottle. Additionally, Ruthless only uses the best ingredients which are sourced from the top suppliers in the country. Nothing is left to chance in the creation of these e-liquids.

While you are shopping GotVape.com for a bottle of Jungle Fever by Ruthless E-Liquid, be sure to check out all of the e-juices from this top brand. You'll notice that our collection of e-juices is one of the largest of any online retailer. We also have premium tanks, mods, and accessories to suit every style and taste. If you have a question about this e-juice or any of the items we carry, please contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you.  

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