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Kacti Kooler by Salty Man E-Liquid is a refreshing nicotine salt take on citrus sodas. Short of drinking a literal soda, this flavor is crisp, sweet, and packed with a slightly tangy essence. Within the core of this e-liquid, it marries an invigorating orange clean taste with the tropical vibrancy of a pineapple. As a whole, every draw is smooth, mouthwatering, and intensely cloud filled. Because Kacti Kooler is a nicotine salt, it needs to be used with a non-sub ohm device. 


Product Description

Kacti Kooler by Salty Man E-Liquid harmonizes two unlike fruits into a single cohesive flavor. The tropically sound and citrus-y crisp nuances of this variety are sweet and tangy rolled up into a singularly enjoyable nicotine salt e-liquid. As a draw commences, vapers will initially sample a slight tartness, but as the draw concludes, a sweet vitality will make its presence known. In order to provide an optimum experience from beginning to end, the vapor that is exhaled is gratifying and dense. 

Nicotine salt products, like Kacti Kooler, should be used with non-sub ohm, low wattage devices. These units are usually mouth to lung, pod or cartridge products by design. This also means that Kacti Kooler is sure to provide a velvety smooth draw. Kacti Kooler has a 100mL bottle capped by an eyelet dropper lid. The application of this type of refill port allows for simple reloading into the device of a vaper's choice. 

Kacti Kooler by Salty Man E-Liquid, like other e-liquids, has VG and PG as its base ingredients. These two components are common as vapor is formulated into the VG while the foundation of a flavor us generally housed in the PG. Kacti Kooler has a 60/40 spread within the VG and PG. Users are also able to invest in three different nicotine concentrations, 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. By having a differential amount, each user is sure to be able to hit their target of desired nicotine consumption.

Another option is Ol' Fashion Tobacco by Salty Man E-Liquid. As the name depicts, this flavor encases the nutty, earthy, and traditional taste of tobacco. This offering, when combined with a mouth to lung unit, will give users a genuine sense of participating in conventional forms of tobacco consumption. It is completely unique in the realm of nicotine salts and is an easy fit into any collection.

Some users may be looking for a flavor that stirs a sense of nostalgia. Juice Box by Salty Man E-Liquid is precisely one of those flavors. Once drawn, users will feel as if they've popped a plastic straw right into an apple-esque and slightly fruity juice box. It is sweet, but won't coat a vaper's mouth in any distasteful stickiness. With a VG/PG ratio of 60/40, it is delicious, but not at the cost of vapor.

Salty Man E-Liquid has been an industry innovator and trail blazer for a few years. They create unique, high quality, and impeccably performing nicotine salt e-liquids. Their team of professionals constantly have their hand on the pulse of what their customers want in order to continue turning our their exclusive line of products.

While you consider the corky formula of Kacti Kooler, please look through the remainer of GotVape.com. We provide a well-rounded assortment of e-liquids, pens, mods, accessories, and tanks. If there is anything that gives you pause or if there is something you need clarification on, reach out to our team of customer service specialists.

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