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Kamry Replacement Coils

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Kamry Replacement Coils

Kamry Technology Company is an international manufacturer of Sub Tanks and vape accessories designed to offer precision performance at competitive prices. Kamry Replacement Coils are a convenient way to keep your Sub Tank working at an optimal level, and we have them available at Kamry brings the same expertise they have in the design of tanks to the production of these highly-rated coils. 

Founded in 2007, Kamry Technology has been around since long before vaping took on the popularity that it enjoys today. This volume of experience has helped Kamry remain at the top of their field. The brand philosophy can be summed up with four words: quality, innovation, efficiency, and integrity. Quality is accomplished through rigorous quality controls. Innovation is maintained by spending money on research and development. Efficiency helps Kamry to keep the prices of their Sub Tanks reasonable. Integrity means that the company is always engaged in the act of self-regulation to examine where they can improve performance and also reflects how they stand behind every product that bears the Kamry logo.

Ten highly-respected engineers oversee the design process at Kamry. These engineers have been responsible for twenty design patents. More than 100 countries and regions have discovered why Kamry stands head and shoulders above their competition. It is rare for a brand to establish such respect worldwide in so short a span of time.

The coils used in Sub Tanks generate the heat that is needed to produce vapor. Because Sub Ohm vaping involves vaping at a resistance of less than 1 ohm, the distribution of heat takes on a renewed importance. Coils in a Sub Tank are called upon to perform at a higher level than heating elements used in more traditional forms of vaping. Because of this, the coils must be replaced regularly. The replacement schedule depends upon each individual vaper and how often they vape, but a common schedule would include installing new coils approximately every three weeks. By doing this, the Sub Tank can continue to produce more vapor that translates to bigger clouds and enhanced flavor. 

High Quality Coils by Kamry

Coils must be made from durable materials, and Kamry Replacement Coils are built with materials that have been sourced by the company's procurement experts. It is their job to locate those materials that will afford the maximum span of life while still allowing the coils to be manufactured economically. What this means for vapers like you is top-shelf standards at prices you can afford. Sub Ohm vaping can be a little more expensive than other forms, so saving money without sacrificing function is a big plus.

Kamry Technology products have a reputation for excellence. The company understands how important brand loyalty is in the vaping community. Much of the company's success can be attributed to that most valuable form of advertisement: word-of-mouth. Vapers are a tight-knit bunch and are hesitant to recommend a tank or coil unless they have had a good experience with it. The goal of Kamry is that everyone who uses their tanks and coils feels good enough about their experience to suggest Kamry to a friend.

While you are shopping for Kamry Replacement Coils, be sure to check out our entire collection of premium tanks, mods, vape pens, e-liquids, and accessories. No matter which type of vaping you prefer, we've got just the equipment you need. If you have a question about these coils or any of our other products, please use our live chat system or email to contact us so that one of our friendly customer service agents can give you the answer you are looking for.