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Kamry Tanks

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KamryTech Tanks

KamryTech is a highly respected vaping product manufacturer. The company has been busy designing and creating first-rate vaping supplies since launching back in 2007. If you're interested in purchasing vaporization products that are centered around advancement and innovation, KamryTech may be able to provide you with exactly what you need. The manufacturers' offerings are a big hit with vaping lovers in many nations around the planet. KamryTech manufactures e-liquids, tanks and box mods that can help contribute to satisfying, pleasant and rewarding vaping sessions. If you're thinking about buying a mini vaporizer, this manufacturer may be an optimal choice for you. Shopping for KamryTech's trusted products is easy thanks to Got Vape. We're a widely known Southern California website that has a reputation for carrying the best and most reliable vaping supplies the world has to offer. It's definitely no surprise that these supplies include offerings by KamryTech.

X2 Atomizer

One popular KamryTech product we carry here is called the X2 Atomizer. This is a beloved RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) atomizer that is made out of tough stainless steel. It features lovely edges with diamond cuts, too. Some of the X2 Atomizer's interesting features include dual coil setup, airflow control that can be adjusted and 510 thread pattern compatibility. The heating coils that are part of the X2 Atomizer are equipped with lifespans of a maximum of 8,000 times. The atomizer's ohm resistance is 2.0.

X6 v2 Atomizer

KamryTech's X6 v2 Atomizer is for sale at Got Vape as well. This is yet another beloved atomizer that offers the convenience of adjustable airflow control. It's just like the last one in that respect. This atomizer, like the last one, also is suitable for 510 thread pattern mods. The X6 v2 Atomizer employs reduced resistance that leads to dense vapors. If you're someone who is always looking for vapors that are on the thick side, this device should be able to rock your world. Its resistance is between 2.4 and 2.6ohms.

X8 Atomizer

The X8 Atomizer by KamryTech is yet another proud offering you can find while cheerfully exploring Got Vape. This atomizer boasts an exceptionally big capacity of 3.8ml. It's equipped with a stainless steel foundation and is appropriate for 510 thread pattern mods. The X8 Atomizer has an attractive and streamlined appearance. Although it's on the small side, it still manages to give off a powerful impression. Its body features memorable chrome plated brass. This atomizer is definitely great for people who want to avoid the pitfall of unpleasant leakage no matter what. The X8 Atomizer's drip trip is made out of tough stainless steel.

X9 Protank Atomizer

The X9 Protank Atomizer, last but certainly not least, is another fantastic KamryTech product that's available here at Got Vape. This atomizer has a sizable capacity of 2.5ml. It's a bottom coil atomizer that also happens to be optimal for people who want to steer clear of irritating and time-consuming leakage. The X9 Protank Atomizer has a lovely metal look that's charming and pleasant. 

If you want more information about KamryTech and its many respected and trusted vaping products, Got Vape is on hand to aid you. Contact our industrious customer service team as soon as you can to learn more about KamryTech and all it can do for your vaping life.