X6 Variable Voltage Mod by Kamry


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  • Works with Oils

  • Multiple Colors Available

  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery

  • 510 Thread Pattern


Product Description

The X6 Variable Voltage Mod by Kamry made by KAMRY, has an attractive design that is a viable Variable Voltage Vaporizer for both experts and novice patrons alike. Each X6 Variable Voltage Mod by Kamry comes stock with the new X6 V2 Clearomizer; while the 510 thread design allows for use with virtually all of your eGo style accessories and tanks.

This sturdy battery will provide up to a 1300mAh capacity that is activated by simply clicking the power button, allowing for up to hours of use! The solid Anodized aluminum construction is meant for heavy wear and tear.

This X6 Variable Voltage Mod by Kamry has a 5-click safety function that allows you to toggle between power settings and also provides an on/off feature to avoid accidental misfiring. Simply click the button 5-times to turn the battery on. Press the button 5-more times to cycle through the voltages from Red (3.2v) Purple (3.6v) Blue (4.2v). From the highest voltage setting (blue) press the button 5 more times to turn the battery off again.

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    Kamry X6 battery

    This is my first mod,a step up from the usual 'blister pack vape kit' type that have been around for a few years now, and i am so glad i switched.My usual vape left me wanting more, wanting a bigger hit,more taste etc so i have upgraded to the X6 after seeing them on Amazon and Ebay.I watched a few videos on Youtube and saw how other people were enjoying the vape experience a lot more than i was,and thought why not go for it?The X6 feels good, well built built very rugged looking and it works as god as it looks.Although it is a 510 thread you may need an adaptor with the X6 as the thread is a little deeper,so your bottom coil tank might not unscrew without spillage unless you get the adaptor or go for a Vivi Nova or something like it.Battery life is good,compared to my 1100maH battery that needed a 4 hour charge everyday.The X6 should be ok for at least 2 days of heavy vaping without needing to be charged.I have found the second setting suites me fine,i get the throat hit,and the X6 produces a big vape,which its what i was craving for before i switched.Because the battery has 3 settings its not a true vari-volt that can be adjusted in small increments,you just get the 3 pre sets,but ive found it is easily enough for my tastes. Its very good for the money,and like i said earlier maybe its an ideal '1st mod' kind of step up for anybody who,like me was a little bored with the usual, or somebody who maybe is on a budget and just wants to improve the vaping experience but doesnt have 100s to spend.Cheers,Mr C.

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    Great beefy looking vape. Cant remove either side of the filling chamber to fill. Does you no good if you cant fill it.

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