Series 2 Coil by KangerTech


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The Series 2 Coil by KangerTech is developed as an OEM product by Kangertech in China. Customers can effortlessly exchange their outdated coil with this new and improved accessory in the Kanger Replacement Coil 2 Series. This item features an easily accessible one-coil design, with an electrical resistance rating of .08 ohm to 1.1 ohm for increased vapor production.


Product Description

This Kanger 2 Series Replacement Coil is suitable for use in a variety of popular vaporizer models, which includes the following Kanger Tanks: EVOD, Protank 1, Protank 2, and Mini Protank 2.

To begin, take the existing Kanger Replacement Coil out of the tank bottom. After that, simply twist the new Kanger Replacement Coil 2 Series into the tank bottom, and you're all set!

Each of these high-quality coils have a life expectancy of at least two weeks and up to four weeks, depending on how often the vaporizer is used. This model has been found to vaporize juices and oils very well, with a flavor that is much crisper and more robust than that provided by many other inferior coils, leaving no burnt juice flavor in the mouth or throat. Many other low-ohm coils are oversensitive to heat, and if the temperature is turned up too high there will be a burnt flavor. This coil, on the other hand, allows users to raise the temperature level while still being able to taste the original flavor.

This coil is well-known and loved for its easy to clean and replace design, which allows users to effortlessly access every nook and cranny of the coil during cleaning. This results in improved flavor and minimized throat irritation while vaporizing.

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