Nichrome Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil 5 pk by Kanger Tech


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KangerTech is not a company that sits idle. They offer a wide variety of tanks and coils. This is great for people who want and need a variety, but it can be confusing for people who just want to know which coil heads work in their tank. We have some information to help you with your purchases. 


Product Description

Tank Compatibility

The SSOCC heads are for the Kanger Subtank and Toptank family of tanks and the Nebox. They are incompatible with non-Kanger tanks, the Dripbox, or the new CLTank. 

Design Differences

All of the SSOCC heads are single vertical coils wicked with organic cotton. The Subtank was released with the OCC (Organic Cotton Coil) horizontal coil heads. After hearing from customers, Kanger released a vertical version of the OCC heads. This improved the smoothness of the airflow because the air channel in vertical coils travels through the coil, but they had wicking and dry hit issues. Kanger upgraded the OCC to the SSOCC design. Vapers report fewer problems with the SSOCC heads than the earlier heads. 

Although the SSOCC heads are a recent edition to Kanger's coil selection, they have already tweaked the design of the SSOCC heads. The older style is smaller and the new style is larger. The boxes are larger and the coil housing is a little larger. This change has helped with wicking. If you question the authenticity of your box, check the code on Kanger's website. 

Proper Usage

The "stainless steel" part of the SSOCC designation means the housing is stainless steel not necessarily the coil. There are four different types of SSOCC coils: regular (Nichrome) SSOCC heads, Ni (nickel) SSOCC heads, stainless steel (SUS316L) SSOCC heads, and Clapton (Kanthal) SSOCC heads. Only the Ni and SUS316L stainless steel heads are meant to be run in temperature control mode. The others should be run in power/watt mode. 

The SSOCC heads should be primed before use. Add some drops of e-liquid to the wick via the juice feeder holes and let the coil sit in a filled tank for a minute before using it. 

Differentiating the Coil Heads.

Kanger laser etches the resistance, heating wire type, and the wattage range on the side of the coil. There's also a color code. The regular SSOCC heads come in 0.2 Ohms, 0.5 Ohms, 1.2 Ohms, and 1.5 Ohms. It's difficult to find the 0.2 Ohms and 1.2 Ohms coils. The insulator around the positive connection is red. The Ni SSOCC coils come in 0.15 Ohms and the insulator is blue. The SUS316L coils will be available in 0.5 Ohms and the insulator will be pink. The SUS316L aren't available yet. The Clapton SSOCC coils are 0.5 Ohms and the insulator is black. 

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