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There are several different styles of SubTank Coil 5 pk by KangerTech. Each style of coil is made for a specific function, but many of them are interchangeable within the same device. Most KangerTech products are able to take advantage of these coils, which include their SSOCC (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coil), their standard OCC, their Clapton coils, and their ceramic coils.


Product Description

They even have temperature control coils that are made for use with devices that use circuitry to actively control the temperature of the vapor produced by the device, which essentially requires a variable rate effect for the coil. No matter what sort of device you have, you'll be able to find a set of KangerTech replacement coils that will work for you.

These coils are appealing not only for their variety, but for their quality. Each coil is made with a frame of stainless steel, and the internal components are sealed behind organic Japanese cotton that surrounds the coil. Rubber seal rings are included at the base of each unit to allow for quick color coding, and they provide a seal that prevents leaks and other problems with the function of the tank. Most of these coils take advantage of sub-ohm technology, which means they produce massive clouds and create rich, flavorful vapor. Sub-ohm coils require significantly more power than other devices. Most experts recommend that a device should be able to output at least 30 watts in order to support sub-ohm coils.

Each pack of replacement coils from KangerTech is sold with 5 units, which should last quite some time with normal use. These units are estimated to have a lifespan of 2-3 weeks, which is standard for the industry. Of course, with heavy use, these coils may need to changed more often.

KangerTech coils are very easy to install, regardless of the coil type. First, remove the tank from the battery to avoid unnecessary jolts. Remove the tank cap and find the old coil, which should be readily visible. Unscrew the existing coil, and install the new coil by screwing it into the same place. Fill the tank with the e-liquid of your choice, then replace the tank cap. It is recommended that these coils should be primed before using, which requires a few drops of the e-liquid to be placed on the exposed wick. This will ensure the wick absorbs enough e-liquid to stop charring of the cotton. Once the device is rebuilt, let it sit for a few minutes to allow for full saturation of the wick.

Key Features of the SubTank Coil 5 pk by KangerTech:

  • Multiple Coil Styles Available
  • Premium Materials (Organic Cotton, Stainless Steel, Kanthal Wire)
  • Made to Fit Many Devices
  • Ceramic & Clapton Coils Available
  • Many Sub-Ohm Capable Options

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