VOCC Coil 5 pk by KangerTech


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As upgrades of the earlier KangerTech BDC heads, the all-new Kanger VOCC heads offer significant improvements over their predecessors in terms of functionality. Formerly known as dual coils, VOCCs (Vertical Organic Cotton Coils) allow the user to enjoy crisper, cleaner flavors and enhanced vaporizing ability in comparison to their forerunners.


Product Description

The VOCC wick has been modified to use all-natural Japanese cotton, which enables faster drying and enhances the vape's effectiveness in general. In addition, the vertical orientation of the VOCCs allow users to vape at higher temperatures without having to sacrifice taste and throat comfort. It's important to note that the wick cannot be burned while dry and should always be saturated with oil prior to vaping.

These VOCCs can be used with a variety of tank models, which includes the AeroTank, the AeroTank Mini, the AeroTank Mega, the Protank 3, the Mini Protank 3, the EVOD 2, the T3D, and the EVOD Glass, in addition to the Genitank Series tanks available from KangerTech.

Simply turn the cartomizer upside down and proceed to unscrew the base. Remove the used coil from the base and substitute the new coil in its place. Always ensure that the coil is firmly screwed onto the cartomizer. 

Each order includes five KangerTech VOCC (Vertical Organic Cotton Coil) heads for convenient replacement, which are all available as Kanthal Dual Coils in two different ohms of electrical resistance: 1.5 and 1.8 ohms. These are both considered to be coils with low ohm ratings, which means that they generally produce higher temperatures and a warmer vapor than products with a higher ohm, which generate a cooler vapor.

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