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Kayfun Tanks

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Kayfun RTAs

Kayfun products are designed and manufactured by SvoeMesto, a company that is widely regarded as having some of the best rebuildable tank atomizers available in the world. The company produces products that are highly efficient, reliable and gorgeous to behold. The units provide superior efficiency and outstanding performance to give you a one-of-a-kind vaping experience. These devices are available in small quantities. The units are also among the most customizable atomizers to help you get the most out of your unit. 

Kayfun Vape Tank History and Culture

The company brings European design to the world of vaporizers. The company offers exceptional quality control and prides itself on creating some of the world's best products. The company aims to make units that are intuitive to use and don't have a lot of technological features that can fail. Simple, effective and versatile designs are the hallmark of this company, and it works hard to maintain its reputation for providing some of the world's best vaporizer products and accessories. The German-based company ships its products to several destinations around the world, and its able to provide consistent, high-quality designs to serious vapers who want only the best products. 

Product Line

The product line offered by the company is diverse. They have a range of atomizers to fit nearly any need, high-powered battery mods to help you get the right level of power, drip tips and a variety of accessories to enhance your experience. The most notable products come from the company's Kayfun line of atomizers, and products like the Kayfun Lite are virtually unsurpassed as the world's most popular rebuildable tanks available on the market. In fact, when it comes to Kayfun, the company set the standard for many of the rebuildable tank designs that entered the market later on. The original release included the Kayfun, the Kayfun Lite and the Kayfun Mini. 

The Kayfun Lite

The products use good airflow to help you get the most flavor out of your blends. While many of the products are built for smaller inhales, they are all made from high-strength stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion of the product. The Kayfun Lite is a rebuildable atomizer that includes a tank for ease of use. You'll need to know how to wrap a coil to use these tanks, or you can enlist the help of an expert to wrap your coils for you. While wrapping a coil is pretty easy, it's important to learn how to do it correctly to prevent problems. 

Rebuildable Atomizers by Kayfun

The Kayfun 3.0 Rebuildable Atomizer offers an interesting and innovative design when it comes to airflow. The air is drawn up into the tank and filtered through the coil and wick. This results in massive flavor, and the Kayfun Lite and Mini also use the same basic process. With these tanks, you should expect to get more flavor at the expense of large plumes of vapor. This unit is the ideal unit for those who want to get the maximum possible flavor out of each session. 

Since the devices are rebuildable, you'll get several options to dial in the flavor to fit your unique tastes. It's possible to build a micro coil, complete a nano build or create a chimney using these atomizers. The bottom line is that these tanks are highly versatile, and the company designed them so you can get a custom vaping session. They also hold a large amount of liquid, with the Kayfun Lite giving you a 4.5ml capacity. A Kayfun is an essential piece of gear for any serious vaper. This is a product you won't regret purchasing from a company that really knows its stuff.