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John F Kennedy was a scholarly WWII War Hero, husband to glamorous Jackie Kennedy, scion of the famed Kennedy clan of Boston, and 35th President of the United States. His brief time in the White House brought a new sense of hope and glamour to the US, as he inspired American youth with his idea of a 'New Frontier' of service. 


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Would JFK himself approve of a delicious E-Juice flavor named in his honor? Of course he would. Kennedy would have love sitting back in his favorite rocking chair at Hyannisport and taking in a smooth inhale of this delicious E-Liquid blend. JFK was a man who loved to enjoy life, even as he was working overtime to plan how to keep the free world safe from danger and ultimately inspired.

This specially blended E-Juice combines the incredible flavor of a gentle tangerine glaze, which comes onto the tongue in the first inhale. This delicious note is followed by the taste of a crunchy Graham cracker infused with a smooth custard, and highlighted by subtle cinnamon undertones. Is it delicious? Was JFK movie star handsome? The answer of course, is a resounding YES.

The incredibly vigorous taste of Kennedy by Dead Presidents E-Liquid has all the verve of the bright new tomorrow promised by JFK's presidency, which is why this is an E-Juice flavor vapers can't get enough of! This E-Juice comes in your choice of 15ml and 30ml bottles, so Americans young and old should order up today. JFK also comes in a vaper's choice of nicotine levels from 0mg to 6mg, 9mg and 12mg, for the amp level appropriate for those who still believe in joining the Peace Corps and forging the path for a bright new tomorrow.

Just as JFK stood up to Kruschev, saved lives at sea in PT-109 and restored the White House to a place of brilliance and glamour with the help of Mrs. Kennedy, so will with Kennedy E-Liquid restore your faith in what is possible in an E-Liquid brand.

The mix masters of Dead Presidents put this special flavor combination through an extensive period of mixing, blending, tasting, mixing and tasting again, until the perfect mix of tongue pleasing flavor was achieved. 

Ask not what flavor is best for you, as what flavor you can choose from Dead Presidents, and then choose the vigorous, glamorous, delicious taste of Kennedy E-Liquid from Dead Presidents brand.

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