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Kilo E-Juice

Kilo E-Liquid has taken the philosophy that quality exceeds quantity and built their brand around the patient development of premium quality e-liquids that are quickly becoming some of the most popular in the vaping community. With attention to detail and specialized methods of production, Kilo E-Liquid is primed to be a player in the vaping market for years to come as they refine and produce more exotic flavors.

Founded in 2014, Kilo E-Liquid is one of the newer e-juice companies around. In their mission statement they embrace freedom of expression and strive to accomplish that idea with their unique e-juices and tastes. Originality is a big part of makes Kilo E-Liquid special and they are already world-renowned for their line of premium products.

A Sweet Selection of Flavors

To date, Kilo E-Liquid has grown to offer a collection of five flavor profiles:

Fruit Whip tastes like a refreshing fruit salad that combines apples, berries, pears, and ripe tropical fruits with notes of rich whipped cream to top it all off.

Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid is extremely popular with those who like a nostalgic e-juice and is reminiscent of a fruit-flavored cereal and milky cream. 

Kiberry Yogurt blends the tastes of strawberry and kiwi with delicious creamy yogurt for a smooth, all-day e-liquid.

A Taste of Dewberry Cream E-Liquid

Dewberry Cream has slight hints of honeydew cream mingled with the taste of mixed berries for a smooth as silk vaping experience.

Tru Blu is one of the most unique flavors you will ever try. It tastes like sweetened blueberry custard and the balance between the sweetness and the smooth cream is perfect to keep the e-liquid from becoming overpowering.

All of the e-juices made by Kilo E-Liquid are handcrafted in California and sourced from the best ingredients. It is no surprise that Kilo E-Liquid won an award for Best In Show in 2015. They demand and meet the highest expectations while remaining committed to growing their brand methodically. Each new flavor that Kilo E-Liquid plans to introduce in the future has been given the utmost thought and care during the developmental process.

Kilo E-Liquid is trying to do more than build an e-juice company. There are plenty of those. What Kilo E-Liquid wants to do is create a legacy, one that will establish them throughout the vaping community as a company that offers only the finest exquisite blends. Affordable yet distinct, check out the entire Kilo line in our inventory and order a few bottles from this great company today. 

KILO E-Liquid

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  • Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid

    When it’s time to delight your senses with a tangy, tangy combination of some of the most scrumptious fruit flavors in the universe, it’s time to reach for Fruit Whip by Kilo E-Liquid. This is the utterly delicious E-Juice concoction that was created to entice and enhance the senses in a way they’ve never been stimulated before.

  • White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series E-Liquid

    White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is almost too exquisite to be called anything other than a gourmet blend. This handcrafted e-juice delivers the taste of fresh, ripe strawberries and tops it off with notes of creamy white chocolate. You'll want to keep a bottle of this e-juice on hand for those special occasions, but it also makes a great all-day vape thanks to its 70% VG consistency and smooth draw.

  • Marshmallow Crisp by Kilo White Series E-Liquid

    Marshmallow Crisp by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is inspired by the crisped rice treats that are warm and gooey. You would expect this e-juice to be sweet, and it is, but the sweetness is measured out in just the right proportion to make this aromatic e-juice a pleasant all-day vape. On every pull the vapor is warm and pleasant, and it does not overpower the taste buds. It's aroma and 70% VG content make it great for sub tanks.

  • Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid

    Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is a fun and nostalgic blast of delicious chocolate and rich vanilla ice cream flavors. You'll find this e-liquid to be a perfect choice as a special treat from time to time but it is also great as an all-day vape. With its bold flavor and 70% VG content, this e-juice does great in sub tanks. It serves up a delicious taste on every draw and also produces phenomenal clouds of vapor.

  • Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid

    Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid will fill your senses and your home with the taste of fresh baked pastry. The vapor is warm and smooth, and the aroma is enough to make your mouth water. One of the great things about this e-juice is how well the notes of buttered pastry and creamy icing mix with the cinnamon to create something that is not overwhelmingly sweet. It's great as a morning vape with that first cup of coffee.

  • Milk & Cookies by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid

    Milk and Cookies by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid is an original take on a classic. It serves up the sweet taste of cookies that have been dunked in rich milk. Every inhale has a balanced sweetness that is easy on the throat. As a special treat or an all-day vape, you'll get massive clouds of vapor and bold flavor thanks to this e-liquid's high VG content and superior ingredients.

  • Honey Creme by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid

    Honey Creme by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid just might be one of the most original flavors available today. It is inspired by the warm, gooey goodness of a sticky honey bun. The notes of honey are rich and sweet, and there is a hint of warm cream added to the mix. While the primary notes here are sweet ones, the total presentation does not overwhelm the palette. It's smooth enough to be vaped from morning until night.

  • Birthday Cake by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid

    Birthday Cake by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid is a taste celebration that you'll want to gift to your vaping friends. It has everything you would expect from real birthday cake. The taste of white cake. Notes of sweet, creamy frosting. A few subtle notes of candy sprinkles. This premium blend is one that belongs on the top shelf of your collection, but it is one that you'll find yourself vaping throughout the entire day.

  • Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid

    Apple Pie by Kilo Black Series E-Liquid is the epitome of refined taste. This top-shelf designer blend resonates with the tart flavor of apples, sweet baked pastry, cinnamon, and just a hint of lemon. It is a connoisseur's delight from one of the classiest manufacturers in the e-juice industry. A nice bonus is that this e-juice has a wonderful aroma that will fill the room with nostalgic memories.

  • Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid

    Dew Berry Cream by Kilo E-Liquid strikes the perfect balance by combining cream and fruit flavors into one mixture. You'll love this delicate combination of flavors that is designed to keep you enthralled throughout your entire vaping session.

  • Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid

    When you've finished eating a bowl of cereal, you probably have a bit of milk left in the bowl. You can now experience that flavor with Cereal Milk by Kilo E-Liquid. The liquid is one that has a few notes of flavor that combine together to give the milk it's taste. It's something that you would think of when you have two or three different kinds of cereal in one bowl.

  • Tru Blue by Kilo E-Liquid

    A dessert vape juice masterpiece, Tru Blue by Kilo E-liquid is a spot-on rendition of the creamy deliciousness of a rich blueberry custard. This California based premium e-liquid manufacturer entered the highly competitive premium vape juice market in 2014 and by the next year was winning awards for quality and originality.

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