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KILO White Series E-Liquid

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KILO White Series E-Juice

Kilo White Series E-Liquid is the latest offering from Kilo E-Liquid Inc., one of the most distinctive e-juice manufacturers. This company handcrafts each of their delicious flavors and embraces the fundamental values of passion, integrity, sophistication, creativity, and patience. From start to finish, the process at Kilo is designed to stress quality and perfection. The brand is most known for their Kilo Black Series E-Liquid, and this new line follows in the footsteps of that great collection.

Each of the flavors in this series was chosen for its ability to let Kilo put a distinctive spin on some classic flavors. You'll experience classic tastes such as ice cream sandwiches and crispy marshmallow treats without all the guilt and calories. These flavors are so incredibly authentic that they almost have the power to make you hungry. While the flavors emphasize fun, when you sample them you will realize that they were created to be high-end, sophisticated products that appeal to vapers who are genuine connoisseurs. They aren't generic e-juices by any means.

Kilo White Series E-Liquid includes four delightful blends. The most popular of these is Ice Cream Sandwich by Kilo White Series E-Liquid. It has been named a #1 Best Seller, and you'll understand why when you try it. This e-juice mixes the nostalgic tastes of chocolate cookies and rich vanilla ice cream. Each inhale delivers the decadent and smooth taste of chocolate which is balanced by a creamy and sweet finish on the exhale.

White Chocolate Strawberry by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is one of the most original e-liquids that we have ever offered. The tart and tangy flavor of strawberries is mixed with the sweetness of white chocolate. You get everything any vaper could ask for in this e-juice. It's sweet, it's smooth, and it rests easy on the throat. The aroma is also something not to be missed.

Cinnamon Roll by Kilo White Series E-Liquid does a great job of taking a favor that has been done before and elevating it to something completely new. There are notes of buttered pastry, creamy vanilla icing, and, of course, aromatic cinnamon. This is a perfect e-liquid for that first vape of the day.

Try Marshmallow Crisp by KILO

Marshmallow Crisp by Kilo White Series E-Liquid is a perfect presentation of the crisped rice treats that everyone loves. It has a deep, creamy inhale that bursts with hints of vanilla. That sweetness transforms into hints of toasted rice as you exhale. It's warm and pleasantly satisfying as an all-day vape.

All varieties of Kilo White come in a 60 ml bottle with nicotine consistencies of 0, 3, or 6mg to suit your personal tastes. They also have a convenient dropper which makes refills easy and clean. One of the best things about these e-juices is that they have a high 70% VG content. That consistency makes them a perfect choice for use in sub tanks. You'll get massive clouds of vapor plus all of the flavor that makes these e-juices instant classics.

Kilo E-Liquid Inc. was founded in 2014 and handcrafts all of their e-liquids to precise specifications. Each bottle is subjected to high standards of quality control and all varieties are compliant with industry standard certifications which govern the management of clean room production areas.

While you are shopping for Kilo White Series E-Liquid, be sure to check out our entire selection of Kilo blends from both the Black and White Series. We also have premium tanks, mods, and accessories. If you have a question about these e-juices, please contact us so that one of our friendly staff members can assist you.