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Koi by Gemini E-Liquid offers flavor notes of coconut and melon. The taste is mostly fruity, and it has a sweet texture that is designed to make your mouth water. The refreshing taste is perfect for warmer, summer days. It will leave you with a fresh, clean feeling that brings up imagery of pristine beaches and tropical islands.


Product Description

This flavor will take you away on a mini-vacation, and Koi by Gemini E-Liquid is designed to help you get the best possible experience. It's a unique vape, and you'll find that the tropical melon flavor is most notable as you begin to inhale. Interestingly, when you exhale, the coconut flavor begins to dominate the profile. This gives you a truly refreshing mix that balances between the coconut and melon flavorings.

The aroma is pleasing and has a distinctly tropical association. When you begin your vaping session, you'll be able to smell a strong scent of coconut at the outset. However, it's not the type of coconut that you might find in a suntan lotion, and it has a more subtle aroma. The aroma is light and airy, and it will leave you in a state of relaxation and bliss as you enjoy the fruity concoction that is designed to ensnare your senses. The aroma is one that doesn't linger for long, but it's strong enough to give you a pleasant lift during the actual vape session. You'll be able to enjoy the aroma year-round, and it will leave you feeling rejuvenated as if you've taken a small island vacation.

Imagine a warm day with the sun beating down on you and a cool, refreshing tropical drink in your hand. Now, imagine you were enjoying that drink while surrounded by a sea of coconuts and the smell of fresh fruit. While no vaping liquid can replace a real vacation, Koi by Gemini E-Liquid goes a long way toward making your everyday life more enjoyable. Coconut has long been used for its healing properties, and the aroma emitted from Koi by Gemini E-Liquid is enough to give you the impression that you're sitting on a tropical island. The scent and flavor will help you forget your problems, even if it's only for a few minutes. The flavor profile is authentic, and it won't leave you feeling subdued.

Mixing coconut with other flavors is something that requires a bit of careful planning, but you can certainly mix this with other e-liquids like vanilla bean, strawberry and pineapple. The choice you make is ultimately up to you, but you'll enjoy experimenting with different flavor combinations. The majority of the work is done for you, and this flavor combination is already expertly mixed. This makes it an ideal flavoring that is ready to go and requires no additional work on your part. If you do decide to mix Koi by Gemini E-Liquid with other flavors, consider using this flavor as the base. It's strong enough that it will help to accentuate any other flavor that you add.

You'll be able to find this concoction in several different nicotine concentrations. Enjoy 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg options. You can also buy more than one bottle to mix up the levels a bit. Mixing a 12mg and 6mg bottle will leave you with 9mg of nicotine. This is something that many people should find appealing since some days you may want more nicotine in your vape session than others. Don't hesitate to try out Koi by Gemini E-Liquid, and find out about all of the wonderful ways you can enjoy this flavor and make it your very own.

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    Great flavor from an excellent brand!

    Koi from Gemini is a great, smooth juice. The flavor is sweet but not overly sweet. Now it may differ when ordering with nicotine but for my order it was just the juice. In my experience nicotine makes the hit a little more harsh on the throat. However with Koi the hits were so smooth that it just felt like a breath of flavored oxygen. My girlfriend, who has never vaped before, absolutely loves this flavor. Her and I both would give this product 10/10 stars if we could. Most definitely recommended and will continue to recommend to my friends.

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