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Kookie Krunch by Treat Factory E-Liquid hits the mark perfectly of a cookie fresh from the oven. The delicious chocolate chip cookie flavor is perfectly rounded out in every draw. It is never too sweet, but always flavor packed for a perfect balance. The vapor at exhale is impressive and dense which creates a satisfying session. The harmony that Kookie Krunch brings between its flavor and its vapor make it a great e-liquid for any collection and vapers will use is again and again.


Product Description

Kookie Krunch by Treat Factory E-Liquid carries with it an ode to its cookie counterpart. This variety hits its flavor so perfectly that users will think that are on the edge of eating a genuine cookie. Every draw begins with it an appetizing sweetness, but will lack the distasteful aftertaste that many other e-liquids are plagued by. While the flavor is fully realized, so too is the vapor that packs every exhalation. 

Kookie Krunch's VG percentage is formulated to 70%. The PG percentage is 30%. This spread allows the VG enough space to yield intense vapor and the PG gives the flavor enough space to be intense, yet not overwhelming. The two concentrations are in perfect harmony to ultimately work together to be the back bone of this idyllic e-liquid.

Kookie Krunch comes in a bottle with a wide opening. The opening is fitted with a dropper type lid to allow for easy product refills without having to worry about a spill. The package size of this e-liquid is 100mL, a massive size that's perfect for multiple uses. Kookie Krunch also comes in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg of nicotine concentration. This variety gives every user access to their preference of nicotine to allow them a custom vaping experience.

Jaw Dropper by Treat Factory E-Liquid is another flavor the company has created for their customers. This flavor seeks to draw on jaw breaker style hard candy to bring vapers a wholly satisfying taste. Watermelon is the core inspiration for this flavor and it is sweet without being tacky. Like Kookie Krunch, the delicious taste does not overpower the vapor inherent in each draw and exhale.

For users that are looking for an e-liquid with menthol as an additional ingredient, Ice Watermelon Punch by Juice Roll-Upz E-Liquid is an excellent option. With each draw, the tangy sourness is always rounded out by the essence of a sweet watermelon. The end result is a flavorful draw with a dense cloud. By having menthol in the e-liquid, each draw also has a cool feeling that is soothing and pleasant. This flavor is as unique as it is tasty.

Treat Factory E-Liquid started turning out products a few years ago. While they may be relatively new to the industry, they have carved a place for themselves in the world of vaping. They strive to create products that hit all the marks of a perfect e-liquid and only use top of the line ingredients to do that.

While you decide if Kookie Krunch by Treat Factory E-Liquid is the right e-liquid for you, feel free to look through the various manufacturers of e-liquids available through GotVape.com. We also provide a wide selection of tanks, mods, pens, and accessories as we want to be the one stop you need to make for all your vaping needs. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly staff of professionals.

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