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Kool Peach by Salty Man E-Liquid hits the mark perfectly of peach flavor within a nicotine salt. The sweet, slightly tangy nature of this fuzzy, tree growing fruit is refreshing and appetizing all at once. What makes Kool Peach unique among other fruit flavored e-liquids is a slight coolness within a draw that is not the result of menthol as an ingredient. Every inhalation launches users into the experience of eating a peach, but has the slight soothing effect as an undertone. 


Product Description

Kool Peach by Salty Man E-Liquid seeks to capture the singular essence of a peach without creating a sticky sweetness. It achieves that and more by also encapsulating an understated minty coolness. The two components do not compete against each other. Instead, the play perfectly off of the other to ultimately product intensely satisfying draws. The cloud that is then released upon exhale is massive, dense, and as impressive as the flavor itself. 

Nicotine salt e-liquids are able to produce amazingly smooth draws from the first moment of inhale until the last bit of vapor is exhaled. Kool Peach is a nicotine salt e-liquid and as a result, produces those sought after velvety draws. This also means that Kool Peach should be used with a direct mouth to lung device like a pod or cartridge unit. In general, they will also be low wattage and non-sub ohm. Additionally, Kool Peach's 100mL bottle is capped by a dropper style lid. The dropper port is eyelet in its design quality which accommodates simple, spill-less refills. 

Kool Peach has a VG/PG balance of 60%/40%. VG and PG, common bases in e-liquids, house both the flavor and vapor attributes. Kool Peach's vapor is perfectly met in the VG while its cool peach taste is at harmony in the PG. The two qualities are in accord and will have vapers reaching for this flavor again and again. Kool Peach also comes in three nicotine strengths. 0mg for users that enjoy vaping purely for the flavor of an e-liquid, 3mg for vapers that fall somewhere in the middle, and 6mg for those that prefer and higher concentration level. There is something for everyone with this product. 

Ol' Fashion Tobacco by Salty Man E-Liquid takes a traditional flavor approach toward nicotine salt e-liquid vaping. The earthy, crisp, and faintly creamy parts of this flavor, when coupled with a mouth to lung device, gives users a smooth draw that is rooted in traditional tobacco consumption inspirations. Ol' Fashion Tobacco is delicious and intense, but not overpowering. 

While traditional flavors are great additions to any collection, so too are those that pull on the strings of nostalgia. Chew by Salty Man E-Liquid takes the experience of chewing on a piece of strawberry bubblegum and melds it seamlessly into the flavor of this nicotine salt e-liquid. It is tangy, sweet, silky, and vapor packed.

Salty Man E-Liquid is the brain child of founders that wanted to create a company rooted in producing exceptional nicotine salt products. Since opening their doors, they have formulated unique flavors that produce sublime sessions for each of their customers. They continue to push themselves to set a high bar for vaping experiences. 

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