Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog E-Liquid


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Power up for great taste with Cosmic Fog's Kryptonite Premium Juice. No doubt, Cosmic Fog has done it again with an incredibly flavorful juice that captures all the power and energy of Superman's crystal nemesis, Kryptonite, in one easy to handle 15ml or 30ml bottle.


Product Description

Faster than a speeding bullet? Sure? Able to leap tall buildings while vaping at the same time? Why not? With the great taste of Kryptonite from Cosmic Fog Premium Juice (at a Nicotine level of your choice), anything is possible.

This incredibly tasty, unbelievably smooth vape juice was treated to the brand's typical 7 to 10 month crafting period, to bring about an e-liquid flavor that's beautifully blended for a taste that is beyond compare.

Sweet, smooth and so very flavorful, Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog is a premium grade juice that has the power to knock Superman's socks off, and yours too. This delicious vape liquid will indeed make you weak at the knees with every draw, but that's what make this blend so very irresistible—just like Lois Lane. 

This supersonic flavor has superpowers that are truly beyond compare, and Kryptonite is as delicious as can be. That's because Cosmic Fog, that top of the line Orange County brand that puts quality and long lasting flavor above all other considerations, has brought together some of the most irresistible flavors around to create the unique flavor of Kryptonite.

Kryptonite is a scrumptious and refreshing blend of crisp melon with tasty candy flavor, for a combination that has dedicated vape enthusiasts coming back again and again, for more and more deliciously irresistible taste. 

No question, super fans, vaping just went up several notches with this surefire winner from Cosmic Fog. Order up today and prepare to head out into the flavor stratosphere, with the mighty taste of Kryptonite!

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