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Laisimo Mods

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Laisimo Mods

Laisimo offers vapers products that help them achieve a more productive and efficient vaping session. The company specializes in creating effective and colorful designs with a modern, minimalistic design aspect. When you purchase an item from Laisimo, you can be certain you're getting a product that was designed with premium materials and the user experience in mind. The company offers a variety of solutions to help vapers achieve their goals, and the mods are directed at the advanced vaper who knows how to use a mod safely.

The company offers a variety of products to meet the unique needs of individual vapers. The touch systems offer a touchscreen in beautiful rich colors that make it possible to effectively adjust the settings on the vaporizer. The MX 90W series offers flashy mods with a simple design and excellent safety features. Choose an L1 if you want a device that can work with an app on your smartphone for remote controlled operation. The S3 series offers outstanding control with a digital readout of the current stats. Finally, the Starshot is the company's answer to the trend of mini temperature control units.

The L1 200W Temp Control Box Mod

This mod is one of the most attractive and functional mods available from the company. It comes in three possible color options, and you'll be able to enjoy a highly controlled session using the intelligent electronic controls. It's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and you'll have no problem using this device as the OLED screen provides magnificent resolution and gives you all the stats you need to enjoy your mod. It's just 53mm wide,24.5mm thick and 101mm long.

Technical Information for the L1 Mod

The L1 Mod offers an exceptional 2.4-inch colorful screen that gives you instant access to all your statistics. You'll get an output wattage from 5 to 200 watts, and the atomizer range stems from 0.05 to 2.5 ohms. Temperatures can be adjusted from 100C/212F to 350C/662F for complete control in how hot your unit gets. Use the TI, NI 200, SS and Kanthal wires to get the most utility out of this product.

Intelligent Features and Design

The mod makes use of intelligent design features that makes this mod a joy to use. You'll enjoy a magnetic battery pack that easily comes off and on when you need it to. The system works to help you stay safe with several protective controls. Reverse battery, low voltage, high voltage, low resistance, short-circuit and overheating protection is built right into the unit. The device is able to charge using a USB cable so you can charge and enjoy your session virtually anywhere.

Enhanced Program Settings

The unit makes it possible for you to plan your sessions in advance. You can use Bluetooth 4.4 technology to pair the unit to your smartphone. Once paired, you can use an app to select the operating mode, plan your sessions, record data and adjust the settings of your mod. The data gets sent wirelessly to the mod to allow you unprecedented control over your sessions. This mod is one of the more sophisticated mods on the market, and you'll be able to experience vapor that defies your expectations when you find the sweet spot for your dabbing.

Advanced Users Required

This mod has plenty of safety features that help you stay safe while using the unit. However, the best safety feature is still you. Don't jump into mods until you know what you're doing and can consistently enjoy a safe vaping experience in the presence of an expert.