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With tropical notes of guava and the familiar, sweet tang of fresh strawberries, Life by Supremacy Nic Salt is a powerhouse of flavors, the perfect marriage of exotic and home-grown. Use this nicotine salt for long, smooth draws, the best you can expect from a company dedicated to producing the highest quality vape e-juices. Use Life by Supremacy Nic Salt to unwind and experience the perfect blend of vine-ripened strawberries and sweet, juicy guavas.


Product Description

The draw entices with a zingy breeze of guava and finished nicely with an aroma and taste of fresh strawberries. Escape to a happy place with a taste fusion that’s both original and will have you coming back for more time and time again. A consistent and flavorful e-juice, Life by Supremacy Nic Salt goes down silky smooth to the last draw.

Supremacy Nic Salt is a leader in the nicotine salt industry. Using only the best quality ingredients and innovating powerful and long-lasting flavors, Supremacy is one of the leading e-juice manufacturers on the market. They started in 2015, hoping to improve on some of the e-juices already on the market. Their goal was to create new, exciting and strong flavors that would leave an impression on users.

Life by Supremacy Nic Salt is no exception. It delivers a strong, fresh and fruity draw, going smoothly from mouth to lung. You’ll find it’s 30 ml bottle size convenient, but don’t be fooled by its size; Life by Supremacy Nic Salt packs 50 ml of nicotine in each 30 ml bottle.

Because this product contains a high nicotine content, it is not recommended for use with Sub-Ohm MODs. Be sure to research the liquids and systems you are purchasing to be sure they are compatible with each other. Be sure to use a system compatible with nicotine salt, such as the Sutra Dash POD vaporizer by Sutra Vape. This compact yet reliable unit features inhalation activation and delivers a clean draw every time. Or try it with the PHIX Pod System Starter Kit with Original Tobacco POD by MLV, a small 1.5  ml refillable pod. The pod is easy to use and is a salt liquid user favorite, can be used for up to 22- draws per charge and is reliable and built to last.

Life by Supremacy Nic Salt goes well with Destruction by Supremacy, another flavor punch from the Supremacy line of e-liquids. Supremacy uses only the best ingredients, making their entire line of e-juices a pleasure to use from first to last draw.

While buying Life by Supremacy Nic Salt, take a minute to search through our site for other vaping accessories and products. At, we offer a wide selections of e-liquids, pends, batteries, tanks and pods to cater to a variety of needs and preferences. If you have any questions or would like additional information regarding our products, don’t hesitate to reach out to our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team.

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