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This amazing concoction, mixed up in the Cyberliquids E-Liquid Laboratory for the Dead Presidents brand, captures the flavor of that all American, midwestern favorite the classic PB'J sandwich! This incredibly delicious flavor evokes the taste of fresh strawberry preserves slathered over nutty peanut butter on plain white bread with the crusts cut off. It's a taste so many freedom loving Americans enjoy, and now they can taste this lip smacking flavor every day in this one of a kind vape liquid!


Product Description

Would Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, author of The Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation have favored a special flavor of E-Liquid? Would the man who headed the United States in its great effort to save the Union during a time of Civil War have relaxed with his own flavor of delicious vape juice after winding down after a tough day dealing with congress? You bet he would, which is why Dead Presidents has come out with its own flavor of E-Liquid, named after Lincoln, the great President who worked tirelessly to free the slaves and bring the US into a new era of peace and freedom. 

What true American wouldn't want to celebrate the freedom for all that came through the efforts of the Great Emancipator, Honest Abe Lincoln? Now, with this carefully curated E-Juice, you can pay homage to the man who freed the slaves, with every delicious draw!

There's no questioning the true American spirit behind this new and exciting flavor from the kitchens of the Dead Presidents E-Liquid brand. Yes indeed, this is a brand that celebrates the legacy of the great leaders of this country in all their glory. There's no question about it, the mixing minds behind this brand make every effort to bring about a flavor combination that will tantalize the senses while paying homage to the great leaders of the US.

The Lincoln Dead Presidents E-Liquid is a taste sensation that bring on the glorious feeling of those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches of yore. This flavor was mixed, blended, tasted and blended again to ensure that this E-Juice had what it takes to get its face on Mount Rushmore, in homage to the 'Great Railsplitter.'

Abraham Lincoln was a great American President, and his new vape juice is a taste that's meant to be tasted and tasted again. Be sure to order several bottles of this delicious vape juice right away, to show your own great taste and sense of patriotism. 

Lincoln E-Juice By Dead Presidents is available in 15ml and 30ml bottles, with your choice of nicotine levels from 0mg to 6mg, 9mg and 12mg, for the amp level of your desire. Order soon, in homage to Lincoln.

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