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Liquid State E-Liquid

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Liquid State E-Juice

One of the most unique concepts to emerge from an e-liquid manufacturer is the one created by Liquid State E-Liquid. This company focuses on creating unique flavors that are inspired by different states like Florida, California, Washington, New York, Cowboy Cobbler by Liquid State E-Liquid inspired by Texas and Georgia. Each state is represented in a designed e-juice that offers the regional tastes that individuals will associate with their favorite local area.

Liquid State E-Liquid currently offers five state-inspired flavors of e-liquid:

Sweet Leaf represents the state of Georgia and mixes the blissful flavors of peaches and sweet tea lemonade. It is light and refreshing just as you would expect.

Orange Dream will take you right to the beaches of Florida with its taste of orange sherbet and creamy hints of a popsicle treat. It is cool and tangy for those hot days.

California is well-represented with Cali Colada, a pina colada that boasts notes of ripe mangoes, pineapples, and just a subtle taste of guava. It perfectly reflects the laid-back California lifestyle.

Coney Cake is the New York-inspired flavor that tastes just like the sweet funnel cakes found on the boardwalk at legendary Coney Island. You'll recognize the flavors of vanilla bean ice cream, powdered sugar, and fruit topping made from a blend of strawberries and blueberries. 

Caramelized slow-cooked apples and a hint of cinnamon bring the fall goodness of Washington to life in Apple Butter. It is highly reminiscent of the simple Washington life and apple pies made by your grandmother.

A Delicious Selection of E-Liquids

All of these juices by Liquid State E-Liquid were highly researched and developed by an expert team of mixologists to ensure they accurately depict the flavors of each of the states they represent. Developing these flavors was more than just a process of creating a great-tasting e-juice. It also consisted of capturing what the lifestyle of each state represents, its culture, and the aromas and tastes that are geographically specific to each area.

It will be interesting to watch as Liquid State E-Liquid expands their product line to produce e-juices for other states. Imagine being able to take a trip without leaving the comfort of your living room and you will know how it feels to sample one of these premium e-liquids. 

Each bottle of Liquid State E-Liquid has the appropriate state logo on the front and is subjected to quality control standards that are among the best in the vaping industry. Vapers are finding it fun to explore the different tastes of America through Liquid State E-Liquid.