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Liquis Vaporizers

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Liquis' Exciting Vaping Products

If you have a genuine passion for vaping, Liquis' vaping products may catch your attention. Liquis is a manufacturer that's known for its sturdy, dependable and high-quality vaping products and accessories. If you're considering making any products from Liquis part of your vaping experience, look no further than GotVape. We sell a number of the company's best choices.

Liquis' vaporizer is one of its shining stars. This makes a fantastic device for vaping lovers who are constantly searching for portability. The vaporizer's compact size makes it easy to take everywhere. If you want to be able to participate in vaping fun anywhere you go throughout the day, you can't really beat this vape's size. The unit's appearance is also unforgettable. It's slender, sleek and undeniably elegant. If you want to vape and look like a calm, cool and collected film star while doing so, Liquis' vape may be ideal. The vape is made in two colors. These are satin black and pearl white. Both are equally sophisticated and refined in appearance.

Filling Chamber

The vaporizer's filling chamber can accommodate a maximum of 2.0 ML. If you want to invest in a refillable chamber that's modern and updated, the Liquis vaporizer may be appropriate for you. This unit features a heating coil that can be replaced. This can provide users with additional comfort and ease.

As noted previously, the small size of this vaporizer is incredible. Its diameter is just half an inch. It's only five inches tall, too. If you want to keep your vaporizer safe in your hand, this device won't be a problem. If you want to store it in your back pocket for later use, it won't be a problem, either. 

If you like enjoying your vape for long periods of time, the 650 mAh Li-ion (Lithium-ion) battery won't let you down. This unit has automatic shut off and therefore turns off independently after 10 seconds. It also has a nice locking and unlocking feature. If you're always trying to find a vaporizer that can make your life easy and convenient, this could be your vaping soulmate. 

A Vape for Everyone

This vape's heat-up time is also great. People who are rather antsy won't have any complaints at all. It only takes this unit five short seconds to get nice and hot.

Liquis' vaporizer can be a good match for all kinds of people who like vaping. If you consider yourself to be a vaporization master, this unit should be great for you. If you consider yourself to be someone who who could use a little experience in the vaporization department, this unit should be just as great for you. If you're interested in consistent essential oil heating and dependability in general, this device should make a trusty addition to your collection of vaping products.

The unit's light has notification benefits. If you ever see it blinking fast, you know that your battery requires prompt recharging. There are so many things that make this Liquis product reliable. Other top-notch Liquis products we sell here at GotVape are USB (Universal Serial Bus) cables and batteries. The available batteries come in lovely silver, pearl white and satin black.

GotVape should be your one-stop destination for all vaping products. If you're searching for a vaporizer that can maximize your happiness, we can help you pinpoint all of your greatest choices. There's simply no vaping dilemma our talented crew members can't handle for you. If you're interested in finding out more about our Liquis products, contact our customer service division as soon as possible. You can reach our customer service team through phone, email and online support.