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The LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor is sleek, aesthetically designed, and promises easy performance. This pod style kit comes with all of components needed to give users multiple flavor options. The LNK Pod System includes four, ready to use pods with tropical, strawberry, menthol, and mango essences. This rechargeable unit is auto-primed and boasts an auto-shutoff feature. Easily slipped into a pocket or purse, users will love the quick, satisfying, and potent sessions this kit offers. 


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Product Description

LNK Pod System

Check out the LNK Pod Vaporizer

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LNK Vapor

What Comes with the LNK Kit

A Look Inside the Box

The LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor, from a appearance stand point, is tastefully embossed to give the unit an overall aesthetic that is elegant and unique. The kit includes two elements, the first being the actual pods. There are four pod options included and each one holds 0.5mL of e-liquid. The nicotine concentrate is 50mg per pod. The higher concentration ensures that users are satisfied more quickly during a session. Each pod also offers a unique flavor in strawberry, mango, tropical, or menthol varieties. 

Included with the LNK

How to Operate the LNK

A Step by Step Guide

The other component to the LNK POD System is the actual mod and charging cord. The pods easily snap onto the top portion of the device's body for easy flavor swapping. This mod has a completely integrated pressure plate. This feature comes into play because two taps anywhere on the unit is what triggers the LNK System to turn on. Beyond that, the unit is auto primed as an inhalation activates the unit to release a wholly satisfying, velvety smooth vapor. Once drawn from the comfortable, petite mouthpiece that is located on each pod, vapers will love the gratifying sessions this unimposing product provides. 

Select a Flavor

Insert a Chosen Pod

Turning On Unit

Replacement LNK Pods

Additional Items

In an effort to give customers additional options when using the LNK Pod System Kit, the LNK Pods Tobacco 4 pk by LNK Vapor is also available. This flavor does not come standard in the stand alone kit. Each pod is still 0.5mL and has a nicotine saturation of 50mg. However, this flavor is unique in that is draws on the spicy, earthy undertones of traditional tobacco essence. It gives users the perfect balance of flavor and vapor while still allowing access to the convenience of a vaporization device.


Charging the LNK

Charging Port
Charging Indicators

More About the LNK Vaporizer

LNK Vapor, a relative new comer to the vaping industry, has zeroed in on the realm of pod systems. By focusing on this area of devices, they have allowed themselves to truly capture the most important qualities of these types of units in order to give their customers the most premium experiences possible. Their products are reliable, powerful, easy to use, and perfectly travel friendly. Users will love having LNK Vapor systems on hand for session after session.

More about the LNK

While you decide if the LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor is the right pod unit for you, feel free to browse through the rest of GotVape.com. We carry expansive options in the world of pod kits, cartridge kits, e-rigs, pens, tanks, accessories, etc. In an effort to meet as many demands as possible, we have worked to stock some of the best devices on the market. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer care team, they are knowledgeable and happy to help.

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    i heard your getting new flavors

    ok so my experience with the LNK has been an awesome one. charges fast last all day and doent leak in my pocket. but the flavor choices are amazing and mine came with 4 flavors. mygoodness. and someone told me that your coming out with more too. is this true. what flavors. I cant wait.

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