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The LNK Pods Mango 4 pk by LNK Vapor captures the essence of a mango so perfectly, users will feel like they're biting into the fruit. Within the first moments of a draw, the tangy tropical undertones fill the mouth and are rounded out by a satisfying sweetness. Every pod has a 0.5mL capacity of the e-liquid and is ready to use. The nicotine level within is 50mg in concentration. The higher value of nicotine ensures that when a vaper uses a pod, they are satisfied more rapidly during a session.


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Product Description

If you've decided the LNK Pods Mango 4 pk by LNK Vapor is the right spare or replacement part for you, you will be impressed by the enjoyable sessions it provides in a collection. These pods are intended for use with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit and together they make a seamless vaping experience. When a draw is first taken, a delicate tang blends smoothly with a sweetness that ultimately captures the genuine flavor of a mango. The e-liquid within each pod is formulated in a way to allow the flavor to be delicious without any residual tackiness. The vapor that is released at exhale is dense and wholly satisfying. 

Once the disposable packaging is opened, each pod is ready for use with zero other preparation required. In an effort to keep the design as user-friendly as possible, each pod is simply snapped onto the mod. Within each unit there is 0.5mL of the mango flavored e-liquid. Each one also has a nicotine concentration of 50mg. The stronger level of nicotine in the LNK Pods helps to allow users to be satisfied more quickly during a session. It also helps give this product longevity before replacement is needed. 

Some vapers may instead be looking for an option that draws its inspiration from more traditional flavoring. LNK Pods Tobacco 4 pk by LNK Vapor is exactly that sort of product. Users will love the nutty, earthy, and slightly spicy nuances of this variety. Each pod still contains the line's 0.5mL volume of e-liquid in addition to a 50mg nicotine concentration. Like its fruity flavor counterpart, it snaps simply onto the mod from quick and gratifying sessions.

Each of the four-packs of pods described above are intended to be used with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor. When vapers invest in this pocket sized unit, they well love the petite size in addition to its well-rounded functionality. A pressure place is completely integrated into the body of the device. Two taps anywhere on the body of the LNK Pod System activates the vaporization process. As an auto-draw unit, the vapor is released when the vaper inhales. The unit is also rechargeable and the battery's capacity is large enough to withstand several sessions. Users will love the easy utility this system contributes to their collection. 

LNK Vapor made the focus of their company pod-style vaping. When they did this, they honed in on the most important qualities a device needed to offer in order to produce premium experiences for their customers. That reason is why their pod units are among the most sought after on the market.

If the LNK Pods Mango 4 pk by LNK Vapor isn't the right set of pods for you, don't hesitate to contact our customer service team for other suggestions or to have any questions answered. Also, feel free to browse through the remainder of GotVape.com as we push ourselves to stock as many pens, mods, tanks, accessories, etc. in order to fulfill as many vaping needs as possible.

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