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The LNK Pods Menthol 4 pk by LNK Vapor is a singular member of the LNK pod flavors lineup. These self-contained units are ready for use once opened and snapped onto their mod counterpart. Each pod in this set is 0.5mL in volume and has a nicotine strength of 50mg. The formula for these specific pods includes menthol as an added ingredient. During an inhalation, users will enjoy the soothing implications of that ingredient and experience the cooling effects in full.


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Product Description

As a refill or spare component, the LNK Pods Menthol 4 pk by LNK Vapor pairs flawlessly and explicitly with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit. This four pack's formula has menthol as a base ingredient. During a draw, the initial moments will fill the vaper's mouth with a subtle mint taste that is otherwise unpolluted by unsavory flavors. Once the draw enters the lungs and is later exhaled, the smooth, cool, and massive vapor that is released is both gratifying and relaxing. The understated soothing implication of a menthol e-liquid is what allures vapers to use products like the LNK Pods Menthol 4 pk day in and day out.

Because each of the four pods in this pack are ready for use once opened, users will be able to use the products quickly without any session delays. Each component holds 0.5mL of the menthol e-liquid. Each one also has a highly saturated amount of nicotine at 50mg. The higher concentration helps to ensure that during a session, vapers are satisfied faster and therefore the e-liquid lasts longer in a collection. Each pod is easily snapped on and off of the LNK Pod System Starter Kit for the epitome of user-friendliness.

Some vapers may be looking for a flavor that is more traditional at its core. LNK Pods Tobacco 4 pk by LNK Vapor has an earthy and slightly spicy essence. It offers a perfect nod to traditional tobacco products, but won't leave an unpleasant coating within the mouth. This four packs' pods also boast a 0.5mL e-liquid capacity and a 50mg nicotine strength.

The LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor is the intended counterpart to the above mentioned refill pods. Its discreet design and easy utility make it the perfect pocket-sized device. The system has a fully integrated, rechargeable battery that is able to carry the device through several sessions before it needs to be recharged. The device is easily turned on by the user tapping twice anywhere on the body. This outcome is simply achieved because LNK Vapor designed a pressure plate into the body of the device. As an auto-draw unit, when a user takes an inhalation, the vapor within is automatically released for a velvety, enjoyable draw.

LNK Vapor, a relative newcomer to the vaping industry, has zeroed in on the market of pod vaping. By specializing in these particular products, they have been able to produce one of the most seamless, ideally performing pod vaporizers on the market.

While you decide if you want to add some extra LNK Pods Menthol 4 pk by LNK Vapor units to your collection, browse through the other LNK Vapor products available through GotVape.com. We also have a wide variety of tanks, mods, pens, accessories, etc. in stock. If you need clarification on something you see, please contact our staff of customer care representatives.

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