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The LNK Pods Mixed 4 pk by LNK Vapor are refill units meant to be used with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit. This four-pack set are the duplicates of what comes standard in the full kit. The flavors include mango, strawberry, tropical, and menthol in order to cover a nice spectrum of options. Every included pod fits securely and easily into the mod and is immediately ready for use following its placement. Each component is 0.5mL and has a nicotine concentration of 50mg. 


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Product Description

When a user invests in the LNK Pods Mixed 4 pk by LNK Vapor, they ensure that they have ample product on hand that will allow them to enjoy the LNK Pod System Starter Kit session after session and across multiple days. This four-pack includes four flavor options. The tangy and sweet notes of mango are perfectly captured in one pod. The subtle sweetness of a vine-grown strawberry in another. In the tropical pod, users will enjoy the sultry honeyed undertones. Then within the menthol option, vapers will love the cooling effect this unit produces within a draw. Each flavor is unique, but boasts fully realized flavor that won't leave any residual tackiness during a session. Each flavor has its moment to be enjoyed and then the vapor at exhale is massive and dense.

Each pod holds 0.5mL of an e-liquid within its tank. The formula was established to have a concentrated 50mg of nicotine. This higher level of saturation ensures that users are satisfied more quickly and therefore can enjoy the e-liquids for more sessions. As far as spare/replacement units go, the LNK Pods Mixed 4 pk hits all the right marks.

The above mentioned four-pack is intended for use with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor. This powerful pocket-sized unit is low-wattage and non-sub ohm. A pressure plate is completely integrated into this model which is imperative to its ease of use. The plate comes into the picture as it is the means by which the device is turned on. Two taps anywhere on the body activates the unit. As an auto-draw product, a single puff releases the pod's vapor in order to produce completely satisfying draws.

LNK Vapor opened their doors to the world of vaping relatively recently. However, when they started their company, they knew they wanted to release a pod style product that would have genuine staying power in the collections of each of their customers. As a result, they released one of the most expertly crafted, user-friendly, and functional pod units on the market. Users will love what this unimposing device brings to their vaping experiences. 

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