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The LNK Pods Strawberry 4 pk by LNK Vapor has a perfect balance of the sour and sweet nuances that make strawberries delicious. Within these four packs, each pod contains 0.5mL of e-liquid and are ready to be used once their disposable packaging is removed. Each pod's nicotine concentration is 50mg which means users are satisfied more quickly within a session. During a draw, strawberry essence is perfectly captured and the vapor that is released is impressive and dense.


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Product Description

The LNK Pods Strawberry 4 pk by LNK Vapor was created with the intention of serving as spare or replacement parts within a collection. They are meant to be used with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit and when snapped into place, they create a flawless pairing. Within the initial moments of a draw, users will taste the slightly sour undertones of a strawberry that are then perfectly evened out by an appetizing sweetness. The formula used for this product was crafted in a way to allow users to enjoy the flavor without having to fear any tacky aftertaste. Once exhaled, the vapor that is released is thick and impressive to ultimately produce a completely satisfying draw. 

Each pod is designed to be a self-contained, ready to use component. This attribute allows them to be user-friendly as well as quick in their functionality when being placed into their mod counterpart. Each pod has a nicotine concentration of 50mg and has a 0.5mL capacity. The volume coupled with a more saturated nicotine level ensures that users can enjoy each pod for longer periods of time before they need to be replaced. When a pod does become exhausted, removing it and snapping a new one onto the LNK Pod System Starter Kit is simple so that disruptions in use are brief. 

For those that are looking for a more tangy flavor, there is the LNK Pods Tropical 4 pk by LNK Vapor. This variety fully realizes the unmistakable essence of island grown fruit. It is sweet and sour without either trait outweighing the other. Each unit still contains the line's standard 0.5mL capacity and 50mg nicotine concentration. Users will love this unique option and the flavor quirk it brings to their collection.

The above mentioned flavor pods are exclusively paired with the LNK Pod System Starter Kit by LNK Vapor. Petite in size and expertly designed, this pocket sized unit is a welcome addition to any collection. The fully integrated rechargeable battery carries the device from session to session. A pressure plate that is designed into the entire body of the unit is how it is activated. Once tapped two times anywhere on the device, the vaporization process is initiated and the vapor is then auto-released when the user inhales. Smooth draws and clean flavor make this product a matchless device.

LNK Vapor sharpened the scope of their company to focus on pod-style products. By doing this, they have allowed themselves to truly capture the most important qualities of this type of device. When they released the LNK line, they instantly become a pod paragon within the vaping community. 

While you decide if the LNK Pods Strawberry 4 pk by LNK Vapor are the right spare/replacement units for you, please browse through the rest of GotVape.com. With comprehensive selections of tanks, mods, pens, cartridges, batteries, etc. we can be your one stop site for all your vaping needs. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer care team.

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